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    So, last weekend, our friend, W, dropped off difficult child at a friend's house and met the family and all of the kids' neighborhood friends.
    That night, he saw one of the kids, D, 2 blks away from the house, being questioned by the police. He called to tell me.
    I told difficult child and asked him to ask D about it.
    The next day, he said that D snuck out to go to a friend's house. The grandma called the police and they brought him home.
    I waited 4 days, then called the grandmother (she has custody) and chatted a bit and then said, by the way, did everything go all right when you called the police the other night?

    What police?
    Uh oh.

    I explained what happened.
    Talked to her the next day.
    "He says he didn't go out. Could you explain it to me again?"

    I go back and ask difficult child.
    difficult child: "What did you tell his g-ma for?" (Shouting)
    "Because I'm the mom. And I didn't TELL her anything. If she's the one who called the police, then she already knew. But she didn't call the police."
    "I THOUGHT she did. K (the brother) assumed she did."
    Ahh. "So, what else did K assume? Or tell you?"
    "He says D does it all the time."
    "But the grandmother says he was there."
    "He wasn't."

    I talk to grandmother again. "One of them is making up something," I tell her.
    "Actually, I'm having problems with-K right now," she says.

    Hmm. Maybe my friend saw K instead of D.

    No matter. Because The kids keep convoluting the story and not a single one has come up with-a plausible explanation. Maybe the brother is trying to get the other brother into trouble to create a smokescreen, Know what I mean??

    So I told the grandmother, "If it were my kids, I'd be doing a bed check every 45 min. Not much else you can do."


    I almost called my friend to ID the kid right at the kid's house, but when the boys have admitted to difficult child that they DO sneak out, and they ASSUMED the mother had called the police, clearly there is something going on. If it were my sister and I and we were that age, I would never have given any of those responses.

    I can't believe the grandmother just said, "He says he didn't."

    Hey, when my son's lips are moving, I assume he's lying. But I'm not going to tell her that. She'll have to figure it out about her own grandkids, and I think she's halfway there.
    Sad thing is, they aren't into any sports and she never goes anywhere except the grocery store, because she's so tied down with-the 3rd bro, who is autistic and can barely speak. He's a sweet kid, though. Always in a good mood. :)

    I can't wait for summer camp, and a whole new set of friends ...
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    Exhausting! Yeah, I think a change of environment will be very nice for him (and YOU).....
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    Sometimes I do feel bad that we hardly go anywhere because of all the disabilities here. Its not fair on the non-disabled kids. I hope I don't have the same problems when they get to be teenagers.