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    Could you give me some info on Weight Watchers? How does it work? What happens at meetings? How often does one attend meetings? What is the approximate cost? And most importantly, does it work?
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    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. Meetings are weekly (you don't have to attend weekly but it works best that way). They talk about different topics each week at the meetings. Also members get the chance to share their struggles and their successes. There are different costs. The best deal is to get the monthly pass which is around $40.00 a month. Does it work? For me it has worked. Originally back in 96-97, I lost 70 pounds and have been able to keep 50 of it off the entire time since then. I'm down about another 20 again. If you have more questions please let me know-again sorry I didn't see this sooner.
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    Thanks Sharon. I need to lose weight (my latest bout of severe back pain has been caused, I'm sure, by excess weight) but I'm very intimidated about weight loss plans, gyms, classes, etc. I really don't know where to begin. I know an exercise class is out for now (a few weeks) until my back is doing better... I can't even tolerate the exercises my doctor gave me to do. I don't want to live like this anymore. I feel fat, ugly & hopeless right now.
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    You are such an incredibly beautiful person. You are not ugly, fat, or hopeless and I'm sorry you are feeling that way. A person as beautiful as you on the inside cannot be ugly or hopeless. Many people have weight they want/need to lose. I'm sorry you are in such pain with your back. been there done that, and it is no fun.

    One thing I love about ww is that everyone there is in the same boat. We all struggle with our weight. Every employee has to have lost weight through the weight watcher program before they can work for ww. I found the support at meetings so helpful and hope I'm helping those I weigh in now.

    I also think the ww program is a really healthy program and I like it because you choose what to eat! For me a program, where I could make my own food was essential-I enjoy cooking and also don't want someone telling me that I can't eat something.

    As for feeling awkward at a health club or in classes, many have classes for beginners. Water aerobics is also a great place to start because of the no impact. If you don't like classes, what about just biking. Do you have a club around you that has all sorts working out? I know I have been glad my club has every body type, shape,age group, etc...