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    I am registered with a temp agency and my contact there, D (who I used to work with) called today. She is sending my info to a client for a temp to direct job that is five minutes away. She emailed me three online tests to take; Word, Excel and Outlook Express. I was a bit nervous about those as I'm self taught on Excel and have never used Outlook. I did ok on them though....got a 87% on Excel, a 80% on Outlook and 100% on Word. I knew I'd do good on the Word but I was still surprised at the 100% as there were a couple of questions regarding things I've never really worked with.

    D told me that she's currently only sending the client info on me and one other person. The others she had in mind dropped out of the running and the other person isn't as qualified as I am. Good thoughts would be appreciated that this works out. My self confidence is pretty shot after the last job so I'm even more nervous than usual.

    Plus...husband is leaving later this evening to go to MI to help train people. He works for Verizon and they bought out Alltell. They've been taking volunteers from various locations to travel and help train the Alltell people on Verizon's system and policies. I'll be here by myself with difficult child from tonight until late Sunday night. The downside....difficult child got suspended today and will be home during the day for the rest of the week. The upside...difficult child is suspended the rest of the week and I don't have to get up to make sure he's up and out the door on time. :tongue: Hopefully it goes well as husband is doing this again in a few weeks....Kentucky that time.
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    Sending luck!
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    Star* call 911........call 911

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    Crossing fingers and toes (and little baby fingers and little baby toes) for some triple-strength luck. The job sounds like a great opportunity and I hope it works out.

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    Lots o' luck!
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    Way To Go!

    Hey...your husband works for the big V? I have the perfect Salesman for him! He has been trying to get hired on here in the local Verizon store since they took over the Alltel store. Right now he works for Radio Shack but they wont give him anywhere close to fulltime hours which is killing him. He has the highest sales of all the sales reps in the store though even though he only works part time. He also has a very loyal customer base because his customers are fans for life because he fixes they phones and cameras for them when they forget how to set a button or turn on a feature. Little old men and women always stop and tell me they would be lost without "my William"...lol.

    If your hubby can make the recommendation so my son can get on with this verizon he would be eternally thankful. He really needs the money since he just had a fender bender monday and now his insurance is going up!
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    Thanks everyone....I hope to hear something about an interview in the next day or so.

    Janet...I'm not sure what he could do from here but I'll ask him about it when he calls tonight. Do you know who the manager is or the district person in that area?
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    no...but will find out!
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    For some odd reason, even with his aspie social skills, Billy can sell sell sell. People will come in looking for a case and walk out with a whole new phone system...lol.