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    4 kids, the difficult child, two easy child younger boys, and an older easy child daughter. All teenagers. Divorced from dad after 26 years together. Good relationship now (with dad from a distance). Supportive boyfriend.

    running, travelling, reading, pets (dog and cats, love em)


    me, 56, aspiring buddhist, long distance runner, city dweller, joy in nature, farmers markets, and cooking. Probably dysthmic, certainly perimenopausal, maybe bipolar and definitely relationship challenged. Suffers from SADD 7 months of the year.

    difficult child 22 , Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), bipolar, schizoaffective, substance abuse. Homeless4 years Not violent or angry. Used to be a sweet boy. Just out of jail, in a residential treatment center (part of his sentencing..oops, back in jail..where he seems just fine)

    easy child 22 daughter (twin to difficult child) tough teen, coming out of it now. Brilliant. Mad at difficult child. Graduated from college, works as a teacher and lives with her SO (also a teacher), financially and emotionally independent.

    easy child 19 tall athletic teenage boy, highly verbal, sensitive, in college now

    easy child 18 tall athletic, kind, sensitive. Issues with persistent school failure but no signs of being a difficult child yet. College freshmen!

    SO of seven years, very kind, supportive,experience with mental illness in close family.

    Furries: Hobbes the most perfect cat (shared custody with ex!), Artemis my sweet darling french spaniel, Sam the protector (yellow lab), and Cindy and Wizard the crazy cats.
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