1. J

    Welcome Jessi

    I am sitting here listening to my seven year old son scream at the top of his lungs because I have had it and put him to bed early! His father has mental disorders that at 40 have remained untreated but I had no idea how much till I had his son. I have had to go to court over and over just to...
  2. R

    8 year old being agitated and not being able to concentrate at school

    My 8 year old difficult child is currently on 25 mg. Adderol, 2 mg of Intuniv both in the morning and 1 1/2 mg of Riseperdal in the evening. We just increased the Adderol to the 25 mg. about 2 weeks ago. Lately he has been very agitated at school. According to his teacher he is easily aggravated by his...
  3. TiredSoul

    Day 15 on Intuniv - HELP PLEASE

    Today is day 15 on 1 mg Intuniv. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to 2 mg. Tonight difficult child is so completely out of control. He is belligerent, combative, quarrelsome, antagonistic, contentious!!! He is annoying everyone! He is in all of our faces. He is acting like a crazed maniac. Looking back...
  4. TiredSoul

    I've charted all the stims he has taken for nearly 3 years

    I've charted all the stimulants my son has taken for nearly the past 3 years. Here is the pattern I am seeing: At the lowest doses, it is not effective. The next dose up curbs some of the annoying behaviors, but not totally effective in any way (although way better than when he is...
  5. B

    Contemplating Intuniv

    My son is 5 years old, diagnosed Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified Residual / ADHD Hyperactive & Impulsive type. He is in a general education class with 20 children and a 1:1 aid who is not certified special education. I demanded the aid see a certified Special Education teacher one time a week for consultation and...
  6. I

    Mouthy and out of control teen!

    As I sit here in tears, I was thinking to I the only mother dealing with this? Hopefully I can find some help or someone who can genuinely say that they have been there and doesn't judge. I am a stay at home mom of two. My husband is out of town alot so I am home to deal with the craziness most...
  7. A

    difficult child's Anxiety Is Up!

    Just a little and I wouldn't be so nervous about it but for the fact that I am leaving tomorrow on a trip with Diva and won't be back until Sunday night. We are visiting a friend 8 hours away from here so I can't just come back that easily/quickly if needed. difficult child texted me at lunch time saying...
  8. flutterby

    I'm so confused

    difficult child and I saw therapist together. The ADD questionnaire that difficult child had completed last week - and which therapist did, in fact, tell difficult child that I would have to complete it as well - rates difficult child as "classic" ADD. therapist said she scored over the top. She also said that our responses to the questions were very...
  9. TerryJ2

    What's with the biting thing?

    Sigh. Just when we get 1 or 2 behaviors under control, another one crops up. The other day, difficult child bit my hand. Hard. Drew blood. He was already ramped up and I made it worse by being sarcastic, and when he started in on me by screaming in my ear and making every sentence start with-"F" I lost it...
  10. N

    Finally some good reports!

    difficult child is on the Adderall and Risperdal for his ADHD/ODD. I cannot tell you the HUGE difference it has made in him. He's like a different kid. He's so enjoyable to be around now. I miss him so much when he's not here. I want to come home to be with him instead of dreading it. He has gotten...
  11. M


    Anyone willing to share their thoughts about effectiveness, etc., of Abilify? I've read about it but would like opinions from those who know firsthand. TIA.
  12. R

    new here

    Hello everyone, I have been checking this site weekly for about 6 months and decided it was time to register. I have a difficult child who is 8. We adopted him when he was 4. He is actually our nephew that we did not know until the age of 4. He lived with his bio parents until the age of 3 and then he...
  13. P

    Vyvanse--anyone heard about it?

    Hi The makers of Adderall have come out with a "new" ADHD drug Vyvanse. Has anyone heard anything about it? Better/worse than Adderall? thanks for input... Chris
  14. N

    Hope this is not a stupid question...what is normal?

    I have lived for 5 yrs with my precious difficult child whom I love very much. Our lives were in a constant uproar because of his behaviors that all of it over time seemed like a very normal lifestyle and behaviors even though I knew they were all abnormal. Now that we have him on medications and seemed to have...
  15. K

    psychiatrist / difficult child / medication

    It was another awful night last night, and again just before psychiatrist appointment today. Yesterday also difficult child had the "electircal shocking" feeling from going off Zoloft, he couldn't handle it, things happened at school, then home. Soo, school called Crisis intervention yesterday. Twice in one...
  16. G

    Behavior After Medication

    My 5 year old son has just been diagnosed by a child psychologist as ADHD, and I am meeting with his pediatrician tomorrow morning to go over medication options. He is having an extremely hard time in school and extra-curricular activities to the point where he has nightmares about getting in...
  17. L

    difficult child 2 is now 'an emergency' says psychiatrist

    Hardly know where to start. psychiatrist apparently finally saw the whole big picture today! History: Abusive Biodad and difficult child 1. difficult child 2 was diagnosis'ed BiPolar (BP) at age 9 (not 'official on paper'but treatment for it anyway) due to behaviors and mood swings, also put on IEP for emotional lability and dysgraphia. Put...
  18. L

    I think I am ready to give up on her

    Hello everyone, It has been a few weeks since I last posted. Suffice it to say that it has been pretty much one constant crisis with my 17 yr old daughter. Her m.o. over the past few months has been to violate curfew, leave the house and refuse to answer her phone to tell me where she is, and...
  19. A

    And I'm Back

    So, the last time I posted or came to this forum was in 2008. We did the neuropsychological testing in 2009 at the Bluebird Circle at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston and they said there was nothing wrong with him other than ADD. Sorry I never responded to anyone back then but I actually...
  20. S


    difficult child is 10. Diagnosed ADHD for approximately 3 years. On 37mg Concerta. We've been having issues with impulse control and hyperactivity. His pediatrician just prescribed Clonidine (.05 right before bedtime) in addition to his Concerta. Of course research turns up cases of sudden death when...