1. M

    What can you tell me about Clonidine?

    The inpatient facility is going to trial 0.05mg 3x/day of Clonidine beginning tonight. He is currently on 1500mg Depakote and 600mg Seroquel. The psychiatrist told me it can help with hyper arousal, like when he is coming against something when he isn't getting his way. He said it is an alpha 2...
  2. M


    difficult child has been on abilify for years... his behavior is often off the charts aggressive & violent. recent psychiatrist is suggesting switching to zyprexa or abilify. he's been on zyprexa for years prior to abilify, and it was no better. And i can't recall for sure, but i think he also tried Seroquel...
  3. ..Amy..

    Aspergers and Anxiety

    My son(4) was recently diagnosed with Aspergers. We discussed different methods to approach his treatment. one was to treat him for the anxiety first, in hopes that it would help us to recognize what causes it, and how we can help him to deal with it. Then in turn, we can help with other things...
  4. Wiped Out

    Will we survive this break?

    This is going to be a really long break with difficult child. He is so far off. Yesterday was really difficult at my dad's (although he and his wife handled difficult child really well). He was so rude that husband and I were so embarrassed. Thankfully Dad and his wife understand. He is constantly bugging husband and/or me...
  5. L

    Did intuniv initially cause anger then get better

    Hi, I am new to posting and appreciate any support. My 9 yo son is taking medicine to treat ADHD for the first time. He has always had a very pleasant, positive attitude and gotten along well with his brothers. However since he has been taking intuniv (now on 2mg at day 17) his has 1-2...
  6. nvts

    The psychiatric hospital started difficult child 1 on Tenex

    He sounds very different. He calls several times a day, but sounds different in a good way. Now I don't know if this is honeymooning or him trying to get out quicker, but he sounds more...I don't know - sure of himself? He says that he feels happier. He mentioned that there were a few fights...
  7. W

    Newbie! Help need advice!!

    Hi, I'm a newbie! Not sure where to start. difficult child is 9yo, ADHD / ODD diagnosis via psychiatrist ADHD 4yrs ago, ODD in Sept. 2010. After he wrote on my car "Die W*** Die" the morning I was going out of town for Labor Day, it was DEX's weekend. I didn't find it till Sunday. I was so upset that my child well say...
  8. S

    New Please help thank you

    My difficult child 3 who is only 4 has ADHD, seizures, and some type of sleep disorder. I am going crazy right now. He also has language delays and does not like kids his own age, older /infants are fine. ADHD was diagnosed by lots of doctors a therapist,a psychologist, his Peds doctor, and two Psychiatrists...
  9. L

    Concerta and morning irritability?

    DS8 (72lbs if that matters) was diagnosed by a psychiatric in Jan with ODD and borderline ADHD. He has been on 2mg on Intuniv given at bedtime which has been nothing short of a miracle after two years of therapy and school struggles. Once school began this year the emails from his teacher began. He...
  10. G

    rages and getting physical

    I just found this site and need help. I'm sorry I don't know all the spcial acronyms. My son is 14.5 and has had intermiittent rages for 2 years. He is on zoloft and abilify. Things have progressed where he is getting more physical towards me. tonite he had me a in headlock for awhile (my...
  11. L

    New to the Site- looking for parents of O.D.D/A.d.h.d children my daughter in 4.5 yr

    I am looking for parents I can relate with and get some advice from. I have a 4.5 year old daughter with O.D.D/A.D.H.D
  12. Californiablonde

    difficult child is sleepy on this new mes and I'm getting paranoid.

    difficult child 2 started his new ADHD medication Intuniv a week and a half ago. He started out at 1mg for a week then was raised to 2 four days ago. He was okay at 1 with no side effects. Super hyperactive, etc as usual. Once he got raised up to 2 he started becoming very sleepy. We are on spring break so I...
  13. W

    Got my first bloody lip from my kid

    I haven't been on for a while - I am sorry I haven't been following the posts. There have been other health crises in my familiy that I have been focusing on. My son has been doing pretty well for a time (he is 11), but started getting in a bad place again about a week ago. When I say bad...
  14. jcox

    Tenex and weight gain~when to d/c medication cause of weight gain?

    E had his Tenex increased in September. He has gained 6 lbs this past month, which I believe is more than a coincidence. This saddens me because he had previously gained 65 lbs on Risperdal going from 35 lbs at age 4 to 99 lbs at age 6. Then when he went to the psychiatric hospital they changed his medications around...
  15. Cressida

    Hello All :)

    Hi, and apologies in advance for this enormous post. I'm Cress, and have just found this site. My daughter is 7, and has been diagnosed with ADHD, query ODD, and has emotional & behavioural problems on top of that. Her father has done a sterling job of screwing her up (we've been separated...
  16. F

    Does anyone ever wonder if the professionals REALLY know what is wrong with our kids?

    I ask mostly because of my hard-to-diagnose daughter. She has had many diagnosis. on the school front and nobody still knows for sure and she has gotten different answers from different "top" professionals. I don't think they know or ever will know other than she is a "different type" learner. As for...
  17. N

    Question and Thoughts on respidol?

    So today was day 5 of Clonidine. We are seeing some improvment, she seems to be a little more calm at home. Last night was a really good night for her, not alot of the fighting and talking back. Today seems to be a little more rough, both at school and at home. And I totally know that we are...
  18. buddy

    Malika...did you go to new psychiatrist today???

    Hi! Wondering if today was the day for the psychiatrist. How did it go????
  19. J

    Medications for Impulsivity

    Under the pressure of a court date on Tuesday and possible foster care placement or time in custody, difficult child is now willing to take some medication. Earlier this year he rejected the suggestion from a psychiatrist (who he only saw that one time) of something to control his impulsivity (especially a...
  20. N

    New and need some help

    Hi everyone, I just found this site, and I am really glad that I have. My difficult child is 7, and we have been dealing with her being what we thought we just strubron and strong willed since preschool. Now she is showing signs of ODD- her Dr did just diagnosis with it a few weeks ago. We are doing behavior mod...