advice please

  1. H

    Please help me :(

    Hi everyone I feel so lost at the minute I do not know where to turn. My 13 year old son is a nightmare. He never used to be this way, we were so close and did everything together. Now I’m a dirty c*#t and it’s f you f this, he pushes me around and started to push my partner around too. He’s 6...
  2. S

    I know it's my fault, I keep rescuing her every time she calls.

    I get sucked in every time. This time a desperate cry from another state wanting to come home because she and her boyfriend had to break up. Over 3,200 miles away and she followed him that far cause that is the college he chose to play basketball. Luckily I only let her have 3 suitcases cause...
  3. Mamaang

    Major struggles with 18 & 15 Year Old and husband travels

    I found this forum last week as I was desperately trying to find advice on what to do about my 18 year old son who is a senior in high school. We discovered he had been smoking pot last year. We started drug testing him and started taking away privileges. At this point, we've taken the doors off...