1. B

    10 year old rubbing poopy diaper on bedpost.

    I recently caught my 10 year old cousin rubbing his poopy diaper on his bedpost. How do I handle this.
  2. L

    Defiant 13 year old step son....HELP

    I have recently found this thread and I have spent some time reading it. Please take a second to read my story and offer any and ALL advice....we are at our wits end. Back story: My husband and his ex wife could not have kids. They started fostering to adopt, soon they got B. B was 2 1/2...
  3. ButterflyGuardian

    Worn out Guardian of teenage boy - need help/support

    Sorry if this is long! I just need some outside views. I am a 23 (I will be 24 next month) year old female and my fiancé (32) and I are raising his two nephews ages 16 and 13. Now the 16 year old is doing great, but the 13 year old has made me feel helpless and that I’m running out of ways to...
  4. runawaybunny

    Callous and unemotional traits show in brain structure of boys only

    Callous-unemotional traits have been linked to deficits in development of the conscience and of empathy. Children and adolescents react less to negative stimuli; they often prefer risky activities and show less caution or fear. In recent years, researchers and doctors have given these...
  5. S

    First post... 8 year old violent ADHD in shared custody situation

    First-- Hi. I'm new, I've been reading through many of these posts and it's helping me realize I'm not alone. Second-- I just ordered that book everyone recommends, the Explosive Child, and that will be my weekend task this weekend. Here's the situation. Dad's sister is diagnosed paranoid...