1. runawaybunny

    Study finds high rates of stress events, suicidality among college students

    One in five students surveyed reported thoughts of suicide in the last year For college-bound students and their families, the start of the school year can be a time of excitement and optimism, but a new study brings to light that the college years are also a time of increased risk of stressful...
  2. M

    Paying for college?

    Hi all, My stepson has always been a tedious child to deal with emotionally. My husband and I have been together since her was four and married since he was 7. He is now 18, a senior at an elite high school for gifted students in math and science. Academically he has always done very well. His...
  3. B

    Smoking pots and drinking alcohols. Should we pay for his first year of college ?

    my stepson just turn 18. My husband and I were away for a week and my stepson used our house to party like crazy. His friends slept all over the house, in our bedroom and my office included. When we came back on Sunday, The house was trashed. Drugs and alcohols were used. They played beer-pong...