1. M

    Update on my son

    Well, we got him out of the hospital last sunday and he started in their partial day program (with school) the next day. By Tuesday, the psychiatrist was calling us to pick him up ???? He had a meltdown that required 6 people to restrain him and the doctor said they couldn't handle him...
  2. L

    Newbie - Sort of!

    Hello again. I was here before and not to sound rude I was really hoping that I was one of the one's that found the right medication and all was right in my daughter's world! WRONG!! Nov 05 - Diagnosed with Bi-Polar, Was Almost hospitalized, stabalized on Zyprexa Nov 06 - Doesn't want...
  3. K

    thank you

  4. L

    I feel like I "can't" discipline my depressed teen

    His depression scares me to be quite frank. I am a single mom and I feel like my hands are tied when it comes to disciplining because I worry about what he will do. He doesn't make threats to harm himself but he says he has thought about it more in the last few months. He is 16 and recently...
  5. C


    Does anyone have any experience with Cymbalta? This has just been prescribed for my 15 year old who is currently taking vyvanse and fluoxetine. We are weaning from fluoxetine and going to Cymbalta to help with morning waking and agitation? Thank you for any input!
  6. Stef

    psychiatrist Says- Can't Help

    difficult child and I went for a "medication management" review with the beloved psychiatrist, and were told that basically nothing more than what's being prescribed will help him. Presently difficult child takes Risperal .5mg x 2/day. We were originally told that .5mg x 2 would be a starting dose, and we'd most likely go up a...
  7. M

    Really could use some is two against one here

    I am angry with my son's insurance company, with his psychiatrist, his therapist and his caseworker. They don't seem to realize that I do have a brain and may know what is best for my child. Okay....neither he or his brother are my biologically born children. They were born to my son and his...
  8. J

    Coming apart at the seams

    Hi all, It's Friday the kids are with their Dad this weekend and I feel like I am coming apart at the seams.Jack is stable for now.I am just on the verge of tears all the time.I went to the Dr. lost 7 pounds and he put me on cymbalta to manage stress.I don't even know what to say.We have taken...
  9. C

    What to ask at Dr. appointment.

    I don't get on here much, but I look to you for your wealth of information and experience!! My difficult child, 10, is on cymbalta for ADHD/anxiety issues. We have a pscyh. doctor that I'm fairly confident of -he is well known as a child's advocate and diagnostic. I have an appointment with him this week to go...
  10. klmno

    bipolar questions

    For those familiar with bipolar, could a 10-11 yo be triggered into major depression (1st time), then go into a manic state for 2-3mos., then be stable for 8-9 mos., then go into major depression for 1-2 mos., then manic state for 1 mo., then appear to be cycling back and forth every 2 weeks...
  11. klmno

    What would you do??

    This is a medication question so I'll brief recent medication changes for difficult child..(his next appointment with psychiatrist is Jan 12, or sometime that week- psychiatrist will not want a phone call before then.) Before Oct: Lithobid raised from 900 to 1200mg/day; depakote er remains at 500 mg/day; AP's had been tried prn but didn't...
  12. A

    what does mania look like?

    Hey all - I've posted before about issues with-my son and school, but I have a different question tonight. I am beginning to suspect my 7 year old is bipolar. I will spare you all the long, long story of his various diagnosis and medications, but suffice it to say that RIGHT NOW he is diagnosis ADHD, although...
  13. J

    Lexapro side effects - do they go away?

    difficult child 2 has been taking Lexapro for almost 2 months, now. We started her at 2.5mg because she has had side effects to all the SSRI's in the past. We thought maybe some of the side effects were due to her chronic illness coming out and not the SSRI's so we are trying again. She took 2.5 mg for a...
  14. M

    Non SSRI anit-D medications. Are there any?

    Well, my psychologist wants me to see the phychiatrist for anit-depressant medications. I can't do SSRI's. Tried them, they made me suicidal. SO - does anyone know if there are any Non-SSRI medications out there? What they are and what side-affects they have? I want to be well-aware before I go see the...
  15. L

    Who of you had to go on medications for yourself!!!!!

    I was just curious to know is there any of you who had to go on medications to help you cope with your difficult child? My sons psychiatrist has put me on SSRI to try and help me be less stressed, anxious, kind of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) general to help me have more patience and not loose it easily!!!! Ok....I was first on...
  16. Shari

    Next up: Strattera

    I'll be picking it up this afternoon, we'll possibly try it this weekend.
  17. G

    Trying to help 13 yr old son with- ADHD/Bipolar/ Anger

    Hello everyone!! I am new to this process, but I would love some input on what I'm dealing with. I have a 13 yr old son who was diagnosed ADHD when he was 5, then at age 7 he was also diagnosed with Bi-Polar. Things were going ok till about age 9, he changed drasticallly. He was admitted into...
  18. P

    Public Displays

    Ok. I need some advice. My 13 year old son with ODD was at the library today after school. He was going to walk home with friends (that was the plan) but his dad, who works next door, found out that he had gotten into trouble at school. Dad marched over to the library and told our son to...
  19. jugey

    Barricaded in bedroom

    And so another weekend begins with a massive sigh. I picked up difficult child from school and she expressed her regret about last night when she hit me with a half chap....I don't even remember why. I accepted her apology but within minutes she was telling me to shut up because I said no she couldn't...
  20. E

    running out of ideas for medications - any suggestions?

    Hi everybody. Haven't posted in many months but I have a specific situation I'm concerned about, namely, my oldest, difficult child 2, is with a new psychiatrist who has a prettty good reputation among other docs and other professionals I've met through my divorce. She wanted badly to go off all her medications...