1. Chasejazz

    A Mom (with no kids...)

    This is very hard to write, but here goes.... I have three kids, OB Oldest Boy, MG Middle Girl and YB Youngest Boy. They are 35, 38 and 39. I am 58. None of my kids talk to me. Please don't judge because I would turn into a puddle, right here right now. My first husband was a womanizing loser...
  2. RedCedar


    After four months of having my 36yo son living in my home to "get on his feet", four months that he spent stoned pretty much 24x7 and excelling at Twitter and RPG's, four months in which he saved NO money, four months in which I drove him back and forth to his part-time job, four months during...
  3. HopeFilledMama

    A Mama's Heart Ache

    Hi there, warrior women... I married rather late in life, after being jilted at the altar several years before. To be honest, I married because my biological clock was ticking. I always dreamed of being a Mother and having kids. 15 months after I was married, I had a baby girl. I had picked...