1. Wiped Out

    difficult child's day

    difficult child's morning: *goes straight to computer when he isn't suppose to be on it. *upset with easy child so tried to squirt ketchup on her. *still upset with easy child took a screw driver and went at her. *I took away the screwdriver. *He was upset with me and tried to move me by wrapping his arms around me. *Took...
  2. Wiped Out

    Worst day of school

    this year for difficult child. I received a call this morning and then an e-mail. Here are the "highlights" *Threatened teacher "I'm going to beat you up little girl." along with threatening gestures and stuck his tongue out at her. He threatened this because she was redirecting him to sit down and...
  3. M

    BiPolar (BP), Abilify, TD, TrueHope

    So psychiatrist looked at difficult child's tongue and thinks that the little movements he sees around the edges may be tardive dyskinesia from Ablfy. Anyone has seen anything of the sorts? When he's stressed, tired, manic he starts moving his tongue about checking out missing teeth etc. Says can't stop. And I...
  4. B

    New to this forum...could really use HELP!!

    Hi, I am happy to have found a place where there are other people who have similar "war" stories!! You can't just talk to anyone about these things....they wouldn't believe you or I have had people say it is just a discipline issue!! Anyway, on to my problem or concern!! My 12 yr old son was...
  5. M

    Psychiatrist appointment this week / medications check

    This week is difficult child's medication check... He's been on Abilify & tenex for forever... and he is maxed out on the dosages. He still has all the same issues, although the medications taken at night help him wind down for sleep at a decent hour, and i suppose they do curb some of his agressive behavior during the...
  6. Wiped Out

    difficult child looked

    completely out of it at the hospital when we saw him today. He almost seemed rather zombieish. Still at the same time he was very moody. It was very hard to see him so out of it. Right now they have stopped giving him Lamictal and switched him to Depakote. Although he has been on Depakote...
  7. TerryJ2

    difficult child's new psychiatrist

    Turned out that difficult child had a field trip yesterday until 4:30 so I went to his new psychiatric by myself. It turned out better that way--he would have interrupted us and denied everything. :) I had a ton of paperwork and history to give her and she was very interesting. Of course, she has an accent...
  8. klmno

    prescription medications

    I honestly believe that there are times when people need medications rx'd to function normally. But, am I the only person that believes that sometimes medications are rx'd when they shouldn't be- just because a good therapist can't be found to deal with psychiatric problems so people start thinking medications MUST be needed?
  9. klmno

    What would you do??

    This is a medication question so I'll brief recent medication changes for difficult child..(his next appointment with psychiatrist is Jan 12, or sometime that week- psychiatrist will not want a phone call before then.) Before Oct: Lithobid raised from 900 to 1200mg/day; depakote er remains at 500 mg/day; AP's had been tried prn but didn't...
  10. Janna

    Tell Me About Lamictal, Please

    because, I've heard several things. I suppose I could read the website, but I'd rather get it from people with experience. I heard, initially, it was great for both BiPolar (BP) mania and depression. Then, I heard (God knows where) it doesn't do much for mania, mostly depression. So, I'm wondering...