08/09 taxes? Child over 17? You might want to read this $$

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    1.) Can I claim Dude even if he's over 18? Well of course (yeah you're all thinking of course Star - he's a dependent; he went to some school, and you supported him duh) but did you know that I can claim him as EARNED INCOME CREDIT this year AND LAST year?

    Check to see exactly what qualifies your 19-24 year old child (married or not) (EITC qualifying rules)

    THAT is why President Obama created these tax clinics - (thank you) Didn't know that.

    2.) Can I claim DF if I file Head of Household as the state considers us "common law"? We do not consider ourselves legally married. NO.

    If you have questions -? Here's the link to call your local office and make an appointment for help. Don't ask me I'm confused too. I just know I felt ripped off and now I have a little hope. If the EIC is anywhere NEAR what the child tax credit is? Oh happy day. If they


    yeah - thank me later....lavish me with gifts......remember me at Christmas and in August, or when you get more money back from Uncle Sam....hahah....mwah ha ha. ;)

    Good Luck Everyone.
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    Earned Income Credit changed alot this year. The income levels were increased so anyone that thought they made just a bit too much should double check this year. Plus they went from being able to use 2 kids to 3 kids this year. Also, you do not have to have a child to get earned income credit - but there is a different income level.

    By the way, you can call H&R Block for help over the phone. They will help you to a certain extent. They want your business so any way they can create a positive experience for you, they want to. Just call the one in your area.
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