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  1. whatamess

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    What does this mean to you? That a specific person is assigned to a child or that a person will always be available to a child?
  2. Sagegrad

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    To me that means a specific person is assigned to that child.

  3. Sheila

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    A 1:1 should be a paraprofessional for a specific child. The para's duties should be spelled out in the IEP.

    I believe there are some threads in the Archives regarding aides, paraprofessionals, etc. If not, www.wrightslaw.com would be a good resource.
  4. lmf64

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    It's been my experience that 1:1 means there will always be someone available to help the child. Last fall my difficult child was really out there and the school was trying to force an out of home/out of district placement. I refused to allow them to do that without first trying a 1:1 who was there exclusively for him. Guess what. It worked. He made it through the school year and made significant progress in social skills. Of course last years para has relocated and the school doesn't know who they'll hire for next school year, but difficult child's county social worker, myself, and difficult child's skills worker are to be involved in the interview process so we can hand pick someone who'll be most compatible with difficult child. The school district isn't real happy with me, but oh well I could care less my son will get what he needs to succeed.
  5. JJJ

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    Our district usually gets a 1:1 assigned to a child; sometimes if the 1:1 is only needed part of the day, they may assign different paras for different parts of the day.
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    My son E has a 1:1 aid as part of his IEP. This person stays by him throughout the whole school day, except when she takes a break during which time another person is assigned to just my son. E's 1:1 aid assists him with all his work, helps him form proper interactions with the other children, helps him to avoid meltdowns and agressive behaviors, sits next to him at lunch and is always within close proximity... a couple feet of him. He went through 3 1:1 aids during the previous school year, the first 2 within the first month and a half of school. His last aid was a great fit for him. She worke hard to teach him academics, social skills, on his sensory diet, with speech and more.

    To me a 1:1 aid is an aid to is assigned to a specific child for a determined amount of time throughout the day.