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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DDD, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. DDD

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    She is a piece of work. This morning she sent me an email telling me that
    there was no reason for me to bring up the money she collected (disability for a child) when difficult child lived with us.

    Ready? "I am on a repayment plan for that since they caught me over a year ago. It comes directly out of my check. They are requiring that I pay all $ 12,000 back to them. So, you can't use that against me."

    Does that make sense? Good Grief. She got twelve grand that was for
    difficult child when he lived with us and...she pays the government back? Once again difficult child and our family come out on the short end of the stick. DDD
  2. emotionallybankrupt

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    I can see her having to reimburse the government, but I don't see why the money would not then go to you.

    The social security website is such a huge mass of information, and finding what you want is like "looking for a needle in a haystack," but when I needed a social security answer a couple months ago, I was finally able to find what I needed when an attorney friend told me the key phrase is "blue book." That is apparently the "bible" that guides all decisions made by social security. It's the authority they are looking to when you call or go there for answers. The "blue book" also gives the "checklist" that social security employees are using when evaluating any types of applications. My friend (who got his own disability application approved in record time without ever entering a social security office) told me that the application needs to include all the information listed as required in that "blue book," preferably using the same terminology, so you will be less likely to be messed up by having the bad luck of your application landing on the desk of a dense employee. Make it easy for them.

    I'm wondering if you should file anything to re-direct those funds to you as they are repaid to the government. Whatever search you use on the internet just needs to include "blue book."
  3. DDD

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    Thanks, E.D., for the blue book information. Once I have recovered from
    the shock (why I would or could be shocked by GFGmom is a question with-o
    an answer in itself :() I'll follow up. That makes a great deal of sense.
  4. Marguerite

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    Sounds like all the more reason for you to contact social security, to ask if the money she repays (assuming she's telling the truth) could come to you.

    If it were the Aussie mob, though, I doubt they'd let you have it because you didn't ask for it at the time you most needed it; you should have asked for it back then. Our mob don't backpay anything, unless you had already applied and they are just backdating things to the original date of application.

    We didn't know we were entitled to a payment for difficult child 1 because of his diagnosis, it was about five years before we filled in the paperwork. I was told it would be backdated to the dte of diagnosis, but it wasn't, they refused to backdate it.

    However, there's no harm in asking. Except maybe for biomom, if she's once again ripping off the system...

  5. susiestar

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    I read this earlier and thought, "Good. They caught her and she has to pay it back. Shame it doesn't go to difficult child now, or to DDD."

    After a while it just didn't sit right. While gfgmom may be telling the truth and may be in trouble for taking the $$$, I am just not sure I would trust her.

    First of all, she seems to lie a lot. This might just be one way that she is trying to manipulate you to stay out of trouble for taking those payments and not using them for difficult child. I would not put it past her.

    Second it just seems to convenient. You get upset that she took $ supposed to be for difficult child's living expenses and suddenly she is in trouble with the govt for the $$ you threaten to report her for.

    While I may be too suspicious, it just seems to me that she would have been complaining loud and long if she really was caught. I think she would have accused you of turning her in if she did get caught. I assume she hasn't as you haven't said anything.

    Just some thoughts from a suspicious mind.