1 Week....its going great


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Well Cory has been working for a whole week now. He is obviously not mouthing off to his superiors because he hasnt been fired...lol. This is a record. Normally he gets mouthy and thinks he knows it all.

He has found a guy who comes by the house so he can get rides back and forth to work so I dont have to drive him and he pays the guy ride money...good boy!

He got to drive a fork lift one day at work already and they taught him a few things. I guess they must like him.

He likes the job. He says its really easy and he is looking forward to being made permanent. He knows he cant smoke pot because of random drug tests so he has completely quit that which is a godsend. He did buy some rotgut beer the other day and it was so nasty he couldnt drink it...lol. I told him since he is now legal maybe he should consider tasting the better beers if he just wants to have one or two once in a while. Nothing wrong with that now that he is an adult...lmao. It was like he had never thought of it.


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I hope the good tide continues. ant has worked steady one year. he only missed once. he has his own apartment and has not lived with me for 6 months. it is shame that he still drinks and is headed to jail for a year or two. some things work for them, some dont.

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Good for Cory!!!! I sure hope he can keep his feet planted on the straight and narrow. Sounds like he's really trying this time. :bravo: :smile:

Any word on treatment/medications for him?



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Janet, you and Ant's Mom give me hope that maybe my kiddo will "make it". There are days it seems so hopeless.........but when I read both of your posts, and see all your kiddos have been through........and that they are finally starting to settle down and actually keep a job - it gives me a glimmer.

Thanks so much for sharing - and I will keep sending positive thoughts your way.
I will have to poke around for your other posts, Dammit. I did not realize Cory was out and doing well.


Well, now. I will have to go and find (like Paul Harvey used to say)...the rest of the story.

This is very good news!




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Good news Janet. You have to enjoy when things are going well. It's the only way we get through the times when they aren't going so well. Keep having hope that he will want to be a young man of character.

:bravo: Yay! Cory.


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I'll start doing a pretzel dance that Cory keeps doing this for the long haul. A week or a month is great....but we need long term committment.

Congrats Cory on a great start.


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Awesome! He must be feeling so good about himself. He learned some important lessons in jail and it sounds like he's on the right road to success!!-Alyssa


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Well he had 45 hours in the first week, 50 this week. This week was a bit slower.

Seems like the beginning of the weeks they have a few less trucks plus he had to take off most of one day to go to the hospital.

He is really liking it still. He is learning the ropes of shipping and receiving. Whodda thunk it? LOL. He starts out the mornings with loading the trucks but then has to do all the paperwork in the afternoons. This sure isnt bad for a kid with an 8th grade education. I think he is getting the hang of this plant work.


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That is such awesome news Janet. Hopefully he found his place in the working world and it will be a positive influence on the rest of his life and choices.

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I was checking back to see how the week went for Cory.

This is so good, Janet.

I am really happy for you and for Cory ~ it's been such a rough summer for you all.

Nice to see such good things happening at your house!




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SOunds good. You know with that diagnosis good today, and bad tom. is always a concern if they arent taken medications. That is how my difficult child works.