***10 Hankie Movies***


(the future) MRS. GERE

I've lost count.

I'm watching "Legends of the Fall."

I'm on at least my 5th hankie...and I've seen it before so I know more are to come.

As much as I adore Richard, I know he will understand that Brad has never been more appealing than in this movie. :sad:

There are so many 10 hankie movies. As a kid my favorites were "Waterloo Bridge", "Love is a Many Splendored Thing", and OF COURSE "An Affair to Remember."

I've got to go and boo hoo some more during this one. The end is coming...

...what are your favorite 10 hankie movies???

:sad: :sad: :sad:



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Definitely, the original "Romeo and Juliet"!! Then there's "Somewhere in Time" and "The Way We Were".....and I'm not even much of a movie-watcher!

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husband and I were talking about this. Here are some: Terms of Endearment, Kramer vs. Kramer, (he also mentioned The Way We Were),Dark Victory, Schindler's List, Steel Magnolias. I'm always crying at movies so I'll probably add more later. Good thread-thanks!


(the future) MRS. GERE
Pamela...true story.

When I went to see Zefferelli's "Romeo and Juliet" (1968) I was sobbing so hard at the end that my boyfriend at the time SWORE ON THE BIBLE that the male and female leads were boyfriend and girlfriend in real life and were happy and madly in love. Of course he was lying but he was desperate to get me to stop crying.

Oh, and at "West Side Story" when I was 14 I was bawling so much I got hiccups.

I guess you can tell I love a good cry.:smile: :sad: :thumb:



(the future) MRS. GERE
Great choices, Sharon. I walked out of "Schindler's List" because I was a wreck. I later watched it at home where I could thrash and moan in private. Horrifying movie. :hammer:

And "Dark Victory"??? Classic. and Perfection.

...and don't even get me started on "Terms of Endearment"... :rofl:

Kramer vs Kramer
Steel Magnolias
Driving Miss Daisy
The Notebook
Broken Bridges

Any movie were there are kids and/or animals, at least a 10 hankie movie for me!!!

Great Thread!!



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Suz, true story....I saw it at the DRIVE-IN !!! Now don't anyone DARE ask me what in the world a "drive-in" is.....! Honestly, husband and I went to an antique store a couple of weeks ago and here stood a speaker on the stand and everything. So here I was trying to explain to difficult child how this speaker was hooked on the half-way-rolled-down window and how lots of times people drove off without taking them off the window and pulled them right off the stand. The drive-in screen was huge and when my brother and I were little there was a playground in front of the screen that we could play on till it got dark and the movie started. Oh maaaaan, did I feel old when he looked at me as if I'd totally lost my mind! Ahhhhh, those were the good old days.

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Steel Magnolias, To Kill a Mockingbird & Casablanca always make me cry.

I stay away from those of late - last night I popped in a couple of Mel Brook's movies. Really needed to laugh.


(the future) MRS. GERE
...yes, those were the good ole days, Pamela...

"Titanic"?...........Vickie, I was a wreck for days (pun intended :wink: )

"The Incredible Journey"...when the golden retriever comes up over the hill at the end even my exdh almost started blubbering...

And no one can resist "To Kill a Mockingbird", Linda.

"Field of Dreams" had me and MY BROTHER both boo hooing...

How about "The English Patient" and "Out of Africa"...



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Terms of Endearment and Steel Magnoilias are two definites that come to mind, for sure.

I love a good cry. Probably a release of some sort.

In Steel Magnolias, when Sally Field goes on about how her daughter, Shelby, says her hair is like a helmet - how she laughs and cries at the same time - gets me every time.

I cry freely, though - when happy and sad, so it's nothin' new here.


Titanic - the entire second half

Bridges of Madison County - esp. the scene at the end where she is in the truck with her husband and she grabs the door handle

Saving Private Ryan - cried throughout the entire first 20 minutes of the movie

Schindler's List

Cold Mountain

Homeward Bound

I'm sure I'll think of more....


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Gone with the Wind ... When Bonnie Blue dies and Rhett locks himself in the room, I lose it every time.

Old Yeller and Bambi

Mr. Holland's Opus

And how could I forget ET?


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The one I almost don't mind crying at is "The Color Purple" ... the end part where everything is coming together for her. I've seen it dozens of times, know every word by heart, and it still gets to me! When that car pulls into the driveway and she sees her sister after all those years and she is reunited with the children that were taken from her as babies ... I sit there blubbering like a fool! As soon as she sees their African robes blowing in the breeze and realizes that it's them, I start bawling!

And I allow myself to cry and carry on and get it all out at the cemetery scene in "Steel Magnolias" because I know it's going to lighten up pretty soon.

And I remember seeing "West Side Story" probably thirty times in the movie theaters when I was a teenager - the very ending when it suddenly gets very quiet and you can hear everybody in the theater sobbing!

But there were a few that were almost too much for me as a child, ones that bothered me days later. I remember going with my mom and my aunt to one of those palatial downtown movie theaters and seeing a re-issue of "Gone With The Wind". The part where the little girl died almost did me in too. And I'll never forget when my well-meaning grandparents hauled my brother and I off to the drive-in to see "Old Yeller"! It was a Disney movie! They thought they were doing a GOOD thing! They had no idea how incredibly sad it was! And NO, a litter of cute puppies at the end does NOT make up for having to watch a kid shoot his own dog! I cried for days! And in all these years I have never watched that movie again - and in our house, we still refer to sad movies as having "Old Yeller" endings!


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I tend to avoid weepy movies.

What about "Sophie's Choice"?

Back when I was in school, "Love Story" was the big weepie. "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" in the last scene - another one that had me blubbering.

Aussie stuff - John Meillon in "The Fourth Wish" where he is trying to grant the wishes of his dying son. It could have been such glurge, but it wasn't, thanks to the lead actor who was a brilliant man.

Aussie TV still talks about the episode of "A Country Practice" where Molly died. It was a TV series, not so much soapie as weekly episodes with some continuance of characters, which dealt with the issues of a country medical practice and vet practice, in an Australian country setting. Molly was the nutty, eccentric wife of a male nurse. She was in so many storylines that were fun - she was borderline hippie, but when she was leaving the series they gave her character leukemia. They took months to deal with it, including sessions of chemo, remission and the whole issue of how you cope. It was handled very well indeed, no overdone sentimentality which I think made it even harder to watch. Her character had a little girl who was about three at the time - seeing how they dealt with telling a child that mummy is dying - absolutely brilliant, but heart-rending television.

That episode still holds the record for the highest rating ever, on the night it screened. 22 years ago. If you ever get the chance to see it - do try. It might be floating around on cable somewhere. It was generally human interest, quite funny stuff, which made episodes like this all the more realistic.

I accept that all the movies listed so far are 10 hankie weepers, but Molly's death beats them all. And that's saying something. But it's still worth watching, because it's so well done, so brilliant. And I hate watching weepies.



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For me it has to be "Stepmom" with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts...cry every time, same scenes!

But for my oldest I have the cutest story...We were taking the train from MO to CA with my sister and he was about 3 and they were showing Frosty the Snowman (it was at Christmas) and he starting just sobbing and screaming at the end "Frosty's dead, Frosty's dead!!" The whole train car was just trying not to laugh out loud and I just kept trying to tell him it was just a cartoon. Nope, that didn't work. Poor little guy cried himself to sleep over Frosty melting! :rofl: :smile:


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There are movies that make me cry and movies that simply leave me emotionally devastated afterwards.

Terms of Endearment: Of course, I saw this film way before I had children and identified with it more from a daughter's point of view. Now, when I watch it, I see it from the Mother's point of view, and BOY do I ever identify with Aurora. I think simply that I just don't get Daughter and it's frustrating beyond belief!

Of course, then when her Daughter gets cancer and knowing what it is like to hear that heartbreaking news, myself. I chuckle now when I see the scene when Aurora is in a panic because the nursing staff has not given the prescribed pain medication on it's scheduled time, "Give my daughter THE SHOOOOOOOOOOOOT!". It's like seeing how I was during the time when daughter was in for the first of her many hospitalizations. I was frightened, overwhelmed, and DEMANDING. And, when daughter needed something, I wanted her to have it NOW. When there seemed to be confusion about whether, or not, daughter would walk in the hallways (daugher REFUSED to wear a face mask and some days her blood counts were so low that she couldn't walk in the hospital hallways for fear she would catch something) I got very nasty and told the nurses on duty that, "Perhaps you guys need to have a staff meeting to get on the same page on whether, or not, my child can walk in the hallways".

What the problem was that not understanding the "leukemia lingo", and nobody taking the time to explain to me what all the numbers meant, nothing made sense to me. Once I got the lingo down, I apologized.

Steel Magnolias: I go to a hair salon that is a lot like Truvy's. The scene I always notice is when Sally Field goes to the hospital the first time after Shelby's collapse. Walking in the hallway. Her hurried determination and purpose. Also knowing exactly where to go because she's been there so many times before.

Like Donna, I completely lose it when Ceily sees her kids for the first time getting out of the car with their ropes flowing in the wind in The Color Purple.

Schlindler's List. I saw it when they ran the movie on TV. I don't think I could have handled it on the big screen. I was beyond crying, I was completely shattered by it and it took a few days for me to comprehend and digest it.

Sophie's Choice: Devastating for me. Beyond crying.

I'm not into romantic movies and lovers parting type stuff.


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A few hankie ones for me -

Last of the Mohicans (my all time favorite movie, and looking at Daniel Day-Lewis doesn't hurt!)

The Notebook

The Color Purple



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Steel Magnolias and Bridges of Madison County are two that make me cry every time. And one that makes me just sob for the whole last 20 minutes or so is Where the Red Fern Grows (1974 version). Went with my mom to see this at the theater when I was 15 and just cried in the theater.