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    Yesterday was the 100th Day of kindergarten at Duckie's school and I volunteered for the 4th year in a row. I spent the last few years working with the mom of Duckie's kindergarten teacher at the "the cookie station". The kids decorated two sugar cookies each and had a blast. Well, the teachers changed it up this year and we had "the trailmix station" instead. The kids completed a worksheet drawing 10 of each of the 10 items they would put into their trailmix, then we helped them fill their baggies with their 100 items. It was fun.

    So... Duckie's school has three self-contained classrooms, the students are from our district and surrounding districts. One student is a kindergartner and so his whole class participated. There are 4 students, a teacher, a classroom aide and a personal aide (an incredible 4:3 ratio!). The teacher approached us about having the class come in when the other classes were in lunch so they could complete their tasks in a calmer environment. We said "Of course!" and had the pleasure of working with 4 of the most polite and hard-working kids you'd find anywhere. And, upon leaving, they even said "thank you".

    I wish I knew their moms so I could tell them what great kids they have! :thumbsup:
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    Well, you could certainly write a note for each of them and give it to their teacher to pass along! I'm sure it would be much appreciated by the parents to hear that! :D
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    That is great! it is wonderful that you help out. We need more Mom's in the "know" out there helping our kids.

    I laughed when you posted 100th day! Ours was 2 weeks ago...
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    I don't know the kids or even their names, the programs are housed in our district but the staffing is out-of-district through a co-operative educational district that all the neighboring districts pay into. I'm not eligible to work in these classrooms because I'm not an employee of the co-op district. So... I've had only minimal opportunity to spend time with this group.

    But, I've chatted several times with this teacher in the copy room, the staff room, etc. So... I wrote the letter to her:

    February 12, 2010

    Dear Mrs. X,

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work as a volunteer on the 100th Day of School yesterday. I wanted to share with you just how impressed I was with the students from your class. They were by far the most polite and hard-working students I saw that day. I was also very impressed with how diligently and thoroughly they completed their tasks. I hope they enjoyed the trail mix!


    Mrs. TM
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    that is so awesome! I can't believe we're this far into the school year. The time goes so fast. We have our PT conferences coming up and I got a note from manster's teacher that they are doing an open house style that the kids at grade level or above (without behavior) problems qualify for --- and you guessed it, he qualified! YES!
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    ML- That's our boy!!!! :thumbsup:
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    So... I drove Duckie to school this morning and was waiting for the correct time for her to head down to her class. Mrs. X walked by with her class (they come in early and enjoy breakfast together at school). She stopped the kids in front of me and she told them that I was the lady that wrote the nice letter about them that she had read in class. Each child either shook my hand or gave me a high five.

    They are just full of awesomeness!!! :thumbsup: