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    That is how much money Eeyore has spent in the school cafeteria in the last two months.

    1. He had less than $20 total during that time period.
    2. The majority was spent on donuts -- which he cannot eat due to gluten intolerance

    So, where did he get the money????
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    Checked your purse, husband's wallet, things missing that could have been sold? Is he one to "use" people? Is the school going to send you a bill?? I'm curious what he tells you when you ask. That's a LOT of money......and a LOT of donuts.

    As for the donuts, what does he say when you ask him about that?

    It's amazing the resourcefulness of our kiddos when they REALLY want something. I am soooooo glad I don't have that problem anymore.
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    It could be a mistake. Maybe it is 16.80.
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    It appears to be a combination of money stolen from me (mostly change) and money given to him by friends. The account shows him purchasing a donut or two each morning all year plus some purchases of "snack item" at lunch. I found a way to turn off him ability to purchase anything but the main hot lunch. Eeyore says he will just have a friend swipe his ID so he can still do it (he paid cash each time but it keeps a record of it).

    husband and I talked about how to get him better supervised during the before school time and at lunch. It would be a real pain for me to do that. I have decided that I am not going to do so. I am going to buy a safe to keep all of my money, including change in, I will also get Piglet a safe as I bet he is stealing from her too, and he will suffer the logical consequences of being untrustworthy......no drivers Ed, no cell phone, no change to earn extra money....all of which are current consequences but shall continue.

    Eeyore has a hard life ahead of him. His IQ is in the low 70s and when combined with the autism, He is functionally retarded. He wants a job so badly but I doubt he could handle one. He has qualified for DHS job support but it doesn't start until January 2016. He will be in the school's vocational program next year. It will be interesting to see how he handles it when he figures out that the world considers him disabled (he still insists that he is not disabled because he looks normal).

    I think he will qualify for supported living as an adult but his 'points' will not be very high so his time on the waiting list will be measured in years. I wish I had extra money as a condo in the perfect part of our town is for sale at about 50% of its value due to foreclosure and needing some fixing up. But, alas, we have just become not upside down on our house and we couldn't afford even one more minor payment.

    Eeyore is a sweet kid and he does give me less trouble than a typical teenage boy but his distorted thinking is driving me crazy!
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    I'm with TeDo wondering if this figure appears on a bill? How in the world did you find out about this?
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    Oh boy, does this sound familiar! I'm so sorry.
    He's supposed to be gluten free, right?