11 year old mouth of the south

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    Hi!! I am new here - thanks to my wonderful best friend Tonya! I have 5 kids , 3boys 13,11 & 9 - and twin 1 year old girls.
    My boys are all typical boys with typical kid behavior. and at different times they can all be difficult child or easy child -depending on the day!! now it is ds#2's turn to be difficult child!! this kid gives his teachers fits!!! his teacher told me that he has never been talked to by an 11yr old the way Jared talks to him!:eek:
    Jared says what he thinks NO holds barred!!! it is so embarrassing and rude!!!! if he thinks you are flat out stupid, he will say just that - no sugar coating. I have tried everything - I have taken away all of his prized possessions, grounded him, made him write sentences, even washed his mouth out with soap!! to that he said "gosh mom, what kind of soap is this anyway?"!!! anyone have any suggestions on how to tame the mouth of the south??
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    Hi and welcome!
    I have not been here long but am relieved to have the support that is given in this forum! My difficult child has Central Auditory Processing Disorder. One of the lovely sides I get with her disorder is poor impulse control. I really don't know if there is anything to do to fix this? It is embarrasing and has also cost her many friendships. I just try repeatedly to get her to consciously think about ANYTHING she says before she says it. I really don't think they can help it. That still doesn't help when she tells my SO he looks stupid in glasses! Wish I had better advice, but trust me, you're not the only one stuck with this issue. Patience, understanding, and lots of bubble baths!
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    Hello and Welcome to the board! :D

    Well, if you have the Mouth from the South, then I have the Mouth from the North. lmao

    Nichole has always been known as the child that has no hair growing on her tongue. From the moment she could utter words, she was saying it "Like it is". No tact whatsoever.

    And let me tell you, I've spent her whole childhood working on this, trying everything, nothing worked. Nothing. Because her mouth always opened before her brain could stop and think it through.

    At 18 she is only NOW beginning to learn there are times when you keep your mouth shut no matter what the circumstance or to learn tact. We've begun the *kill em with kindness* lessons, but those aren't going very well. lol

    I think maturity, and being a Mom herself, is making the difference when nothing else would. Now she actually listens when I walk thru senerios with her and attempts to apply it to real life.

    It's odd though. My sister in law, whom I think is terrific, has the same problem. You never know what's gonna come pouring out of his mouth. Rarely is it meant in a bad way. But he sticks his foot in his mouth so often it's surprising he doesn't have foot and mouth disease. lol BUT the odd part is that Nichole is actually LEARNING to improve her own problem by watching him.

    I don't think she even "got" what we were talking about until sister in law joined the family.

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    Ah yes - but have you tried Duct tape?

    No - seriously - takes those little pre-teen moustache hairs right out - and I promise you he won't say "Well what kind of tape was that? Tastes good!"

    I don't know what to tell you except to keep being consistent with your consequences. It won't happen right away - maybe 10 years down the road he'll get it. Or like mine - he'll get his jaw broken and have to **** soup through a straw for 8 weeks - then think twice about what DOES come out of his little mouth.

    If he enjoyed the type of soap you had -perhaps you should get something like LAVA or Go JO.

    You and this teacher are going to have to get creative - maybe talk to the school psychiatrist and see what he/she thinks has effect.

    Sorry for the drama -