11 yo boy slays Dad's pregnant girlfriend!

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    here is a link: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/ap/20090222/twl-pregnant-woman-killed-1be00ca.html

    I know it says it is from the Philippines but it is more complete than the other articles I read.

    Right now they are keeping an ELEVEN year old boy in the county jail - the jail for adults. The warden wants him moved to juvy because they cannot provide for his needs.

    Not sure how I feel about that.

    Eleven is so young. But he had already told a friend he wanted to do exactly what he did.

    He had access to a "youth" shotgun, one designed especially for young people to be able to use it and that is what he used.

    He shot her, then went to catch the bus.

    The poor woman's 4 yo was in the house and left to find her mom. Luckily there were people trimming trees on the property or I don't know what she would have done! The 4yo went outside to get help. This will probably haunt her for her whole life, poor baby.

    What do the rest of you think about this story? About where to house the 11 yo boy? Should he be charged as an adult?
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    I'm not sure what I think about this either- in regards to punishment for the boy. I feel so sorry for the dad- the girlfriend/wife was due to give birth of their son a 2-3 weeks, I heard. They are going to try the boy as an adult- I don't agree with that. I hope they are looking into whether or not any abuse or neglect was going on- but clearly- the kid wouldn't have done what he did.
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    Wow. I'm speechless.
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    You know, the more and more I see stuff - I just keep asking myself what the he&& is wrong with these kids nowadays?

    I mean, seriously. 11. Shooting his father's pregnant fiancee.

    I'm sorry but I do not believe he did not know what he was doing. If he had his own shotgun, he knew exactly what a shotgun does. It says he took HIS shotgun back to HIS room. And why would an 11 year old even have a shotgun in his room? We let J shoot, but no way in the world would we allow him to have a gun, and he's a easy child!

    This reminds me somewhat of the boy a couple of months ago that shot his parents in the head (this was in Ohio and he was 17 or 18 years old) over a video game.

    These kids are whack. I'm sorry if that offends anyone. I don't know how he should be treated. in my humble opinion, I think being tried as an adult, just from what I've read, is totally appropriate.

    That's just me.
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    We don't have half enough information to know what was going on. Was this woman beating him? Locking him in closets?

    Also, I have my own opinions on girlfriends coming in and taking over when there are young kids in the house. Of course he was jealous. If he expressed this degree of anger to the brother-in-law, why did he not do anything or say anything? Something is obviously not right with this child. How did he get his hands on a weapon?

    I never EVER believe children should be tried as adults, at least not kids under 14. I'll wait and hear the details. On the surface it sounds like "evil kid" but I love to read true crime, and there is always a story behind every tragedy. I think he should be housed in a psychiatric facility. He's going to require a lot of help. Something is obviously desperately wrong with him and he shouldn't be just wandering around.
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    I also think we do not have anywhere CLOSE to all the info on this. No idea what the family dynamics were, for one thing.

    I believe he knew what he was doing, knew what death was, and knew it was wrong. He hunted with his dad, so clearly he understood the concept of death as a result of shooting someone or something. He also told a friend he wanted to do it. That shows some planning.

    He also had to know it would be horrible for the 4yo to find the mom.

    I do blame the father for allowing him to have access to the weapon, and Dad will problem be brought up on charges for that. Or he SHOULD. I know in my gun-loving state that if you have a weapon that is accessible to children you can end up with some whopping fines and other consequences even if nothing happens - that it is just found out by the police with-o a shooting or threatening happening.

    But the child needs serious help. I do not think mandating help until age 18 or 21 would be enough. I think they need the option to keep him in "the system" long after those "magic" ages. So they may have to try him as an adult. That is OK with me.

    I really hope and pray that there is family to step in for the 4 yo and her older sister and care for them and get them in therapy ASAP. This will be a life-changing event for them, and not in a good way. That should be taken into account when setting the charges against him and when sentencing him.

    Just in my opinion with all this.
  7. Hound dog

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    If he went hunting with his father, he knew exactly what he was doing.

    I agree we don't have much background info in this case. But what disturbs me the most is this kid murders his soon to be step mother in cold blood, then board the bus for school without batting an eye.

    There would have to be an awful lot of abuse/neglect going on to warrant such a calculated premeditated murder. And even then, I'm not so sure I could manage to feel the least bit of sympathy for this kid.

    What is frightening, is this is becoming more and more common, and our current system is not equipt to handle juvenille offenders who know exactly what they're doing but are too young to be placed in adult prisons. So they wind up in juvie, which is no picnic....but is basically a slap on the wrist for a ruthless adult crime.

    The really scary part is that most kids know this....and aren't even afraid of being put in jail because of it.

    Do I have a problem with them trying him as an adult? No. Do I think we need to come up with something fast to handle this new wave of violent criminals? Yes.

    Are we going to come up with a new system for this newest generation of violent juvenille violent offenders? Probably not because everyone is focused on their age instead of the ruthelessness of the crime they commited.

    Sure there are still kids out there who's parents have worked hard to keep them fairly innocent still at age 11. But the sad truth is that most 11 yr olds today are nothing like 11 yr olds back when we were kids. They've long since shed their innocence and are too "worldly" wise with no maturity at all to counteract it.

    I worry about the world my grandkids will be growing up in. :(
  8. Marguerite

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    Be careful about expressing too strong opinions when we still don't know the full story, and there are also fairly large cultural differences here. From my understanding of jails in the area - I can only desperately hope that this child is getting some medical treatment while being kept closeted away, until they can work out what happened and why.

    As for keeping guns around/not having guns around - again, there are HUGE cultural differences on this issue around the world. Some countries have strict laws, others do not. For many of you living in the US, your attitudes to guns seems a lot more casual (and scary) to us in Australia, but I recognise again, the cultural differences which make it all seem normal and acceptable for you, part of your culture.

    And even in Australia, we have a dichotomy of attitudes on guns. On farms, guns are an essential part of life and survival. Farmers use guns to put down suffering livestock or to hunt vermin. But away from any such daily need, guns here are more strictly regulated than many people around the world can conceive.

    In Phillipines? I'm not closely familiar with how gun use figures in their culture.

    We simply need more information on this, before we blame either the victim or the accused. Or the father, or the society.

    Sometimes bad things just happen and we don't always know why.

  9. KTMom91

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    I don't know if all the papers printed the same article, but I read that he also told the police about a "suspicious black truck", and when that didn't pan out, they re-interviewed her 7 yo daughter. She told them that she saw him with the gun, and then heard a loud boom.

    Very sad all the way around.
  10. susiestar

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    Marg, the article was from yahoo Phillipines, but the actual shooting took place in Pennsylvania. This was just the article that offered the most information of the ones I saw. Sorry if that wasn't clear.