12 days till the stones sing!


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So, who else is an Outlander freak? I am signing up for Starz just for this show - I really could not care less otherwise.

And... What do you think about the casting of Jamie and Claire? I think Jamie is spot-on, not sure about Claire.


I was the opposite - I thought Claire was spot-on, but not Jamie. However, after seeing multiple trailers, Jamie is growing on me. I'll probably be just as lusty for the TV character as I am for the Jamie in the books before too long - I have a thing for Scottish accents!


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I watched it on youtube since I don't have Starz. Starz posted the pilot onyoutube to get everyone hooked. That was smart programming on their part.

It was good but I don't know if it is worth paying for a premium channel to see the rest of the episodes. I guess I will have to wait until it gets to Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Shooting from the Hip
LOL I was iffy. I didn't think it could be anywhere near the books. And of course it isn't - but it's definitely worth the extra money to me!


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When I saw the subject line I thought Mick and Keef were performing somewhere. I think my record for being out of touch remains unrivaled. :)

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