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    Aly is hopefully sleeping for the night, in her 8th psychiatrist hospital stay. We spent 6 hours at the ER while doctors talked, looked at her records, discussed this and that with a pediatrician neurologist, child psychiatrist and her regular doctor. It was decided at this time that she is having "pseudo seizures" brought on by her mental illness.

    NO TESTS WERE DONE, no lab work, no urine test, NO EEG, Nothing, nada! I was so frustrated by the time that the ER doctor said all docs were more comfortable with her in a child psychiatric facility with the pediatrician neurologist following her there. That way they can monitor her medications, liver enzymes and watch her carefully for seizure activity. There are only 6 kids on the unit tonight, so she is pretty much getting one on one care. They all remember her and she was upset but did not totally freak out like previous hospitalizations. I got to transfer her myself, she was greatly relieved not to have to go by ambulance.

    Who knows if this will help anything, but she did have 2 "seizures" while in the hospital, mild, but they were there. Docs are calling the the seizure activity part of her mental illness and that medications may or may not control them.

    They are much more concerned about the dissasociative behavior and levels of instability. Like walking into the shower this morning fully clothed and not getting it all all! :smile:

    Also, Aly told the intake worker something that I did not know until tonight. She said that when we had that 4 yo foster son D back in August, that he not only was inappropriate with Jayme, but also "toughed Aly in her private place". The hospital was ready to call CPS right there and then until I explained that we reported it to our Foster agency, who in turn reported it to CPS back in August. So I think we may be spared that mess once again.

    Probably won't know alot more till later in the weekend, if not after Xmas.

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    Vickie, I'm so sorry for all Aly (and you!) are going through. I hope and pray Aly gets the help she needs. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs.
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    I'm so sorry. I hope and pray they find some answers and that they get the disassociation in check. I can only imagine the fear and pain you are going through.
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    I am so sorry, my friend :sad:

    I hope things work out with this hospital stay. I'm glad to hear she's getting alot of 1:1 attention.

    Please keep us posted.
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    Oh Vickie - I am just so sorry to hear this. I hope they can get her stabilized *and* figure out what is going on with the seizures, pseudo or not.

    A gentle hug to you, hon. Be sure to take care of yourself.
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    I'm so sorry. I'm glad she's getting plenty of one on one attention in the unit. Saying prayers they figure this puzzle out quickly. Did they explain this psuedo seizure thing, I don't understand that one.

    Sending many gentle (((hugs))) to both you and Aly. Make sure you get some rest and be good to yourself too.
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    Your family is in my thoughts during this most difficult time. I am wrapping my arms around your girl through cyberspace... this cyber Auntie is sending her some protection...
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    Sending love and gentle hugs,

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    Sorry I missed this - any updates????
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    I'm so sorry. Gentle hug and prayers :angel:
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    Not much to update as yet. psychiatrist has been in contact with me several times, gathering more history, etc. It gets tiring saying "that's ALL in Aly's parent report, which is in her chart!"

    He did say that since it is the week of Xmas, things might move a little slower than usual, with getting the needed evaluations and tests.

    I asked about her dissasociated states and he or the staff have not yet seen that, they have only seen her panic attacks and anxiety levels that are through the roof. I said she is holding it in so tightly I am not sure they will see them, he agreed. Also said the dreaded words "we are just an acute psychiatric hospital, if we feel she needs it, she may get transferred to a more long term facility that can accomodate doing a slow medication wash etc." Not that I wouldn't want that to happen, just wish it could happen where she is. The other hospital is 3 hours from here, my daughter's place, and 5 hours from home.

    When we visited last night she had several panic attacks, begged us to take her home, etc. It is so heart wrenching it is very difficult. We will go earlier today and see if it is better during the day.

    pediatrician neurologist is supposed to do an evaluation sometime this next week and will probably order some testing. psychiatrist is not worried about her liver enzymes, said it is only slightly elevated.

    So, not really anything new to report, other than it looks like she will definetly be spending Christmas in the psychiatric hospital. Sad, but our reality at this time.

    husband is here with us till tonight which helps with Jayme but this tiny apartment will get old in a hurry! But I thank God my daughter lives here, cannot imagine being in a hotel right now.

    Will update again when I know more. Thank you all for your kind words, prayers and support. You have no idea how much they help!!

    Hugs and love,