13 year old father OMG!

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    OMG He looks like he's what.......SEVEN???? Baby faced indeed!!!

    My Mom's 3rd husband became a Dad for the first time at 14. He married the girl. They had 4 more kids by the time he graduated hs at 18. At 20 he caught her cheating and he spent the rest of his life raising those 5 kids. :faint:

    This boy has a rough road ahead. The girl too. But well, OMG. I'm so glad I'm not the Nana in this situation. :(
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    Uh... I can't even begin to process this. Even though I became pregnant at 13. I was in no way going to keep it and in no way delusional enough to think I was going to be a Mom. A competent one.
    I luckily had a miscarriage. When I say lucky, I now know my body was telling me I was not ready.
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    I'd like to see the kid's birth certificate. He definitely looks like he's about the same age of the kids that Missy is in class with. She doesn't look like she's older than 12.

    Honestly, I find this sickening.
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    I think the point that was made about teaching sex-ed without a value system and how it is not working is so right on. -RM
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    I have nothing good to say.

    Two items from the article stood out:

    Chantelle';s mum said: "I told her it was lovely to have the baby but I wish it was in different circumstances. We have five children already so it's a big financial responsibility. But we are a family and will pull together and get through. She's my daughter. I love her and she will want for nothing."

    This statement "she will want for nothing" appeared after this:

    Chantelle and Maisie were released from hospital yesterday. They are living with Penny, Chantelle's jobless dad Steve, 43, and her five brothers in a rented council house in Eastbourne. The family live on benefits.

    Does she plan on submitting a bill to the taxpayers so her daughter doesn't "want" for anything? Maybe she should have been a better parent, and taught her daughter she doesn't get everything she wants. She'll be fortunate to get everything she needs.

    So, are there no married couples in the UK who are waiting to adopt a child? The baby needs competent parents and a stable environment. Oh, I forgot! Alfie will be spending the night there...as long as this whole arrangement is wonderful, they are having him sleep with the girlfriend, right?
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    OMG!!!!! He doesn't even look 10!!!

    I was reading the article and my 7 yo son said to me : "The baby kind of looks like his big brother"!!!! I just agreed.

    I second everything C.J. said.

    This is absolutely crazy!!!
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    Hmmm... I see a correlation here between this story and the Calif mom. They are both receiving public benefits.
    And both have parents who are protecting them from reality.

    The baby may not "want for anything" in reg. to the grandmother's point of view of tax benefits, but that poor baby will surely "want" for real parents when she is faced with the typical difficulties of growing up.
    Once this kid starts running around in traffic and the teen dad and mom have to cut classes to tend to her, things will change.
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    This is just terrifying. I sincerely hope the boy's family, who seems to be steadier - at least financially, will help out a lot. I am SURE the taxpayers will foot a large part of the bill for "nappies".

    I think along with values, sex ed should include some budgeting. Not just - "It costs $150,000 to raise a child from birth to college." but actual budgeting that includes the costs of doctor visits, formula, diapers, clothing, wet wipes, food, etc.... THAT should be included with those electronic babies.

    It is just terrifying. I had a friend in college who became a teacher in a public school in Waco, TX. She had a student in her remedial reading class who was 13 and pregnant for the THIRD time. Sadly, it was her uncle's baby. This girl HONESTLY had no idea how she got preg, what caused it, etc.... Of course Children's Protection was involved, but the uncle kept coming back to "visit" and she kept getting preg. She wanted to keep all the babies, and tried, but her family and church kept telling her she was going to he77, and she ended up giving them up for adoption.

    But the idea of a child that young having babies is just horrific to me. Their poor bodies simply are NOT ready. And the poor babies, it is really hard to have a teen mom, I would think.

    The whole situation makes me want to cry. The boy looks like he is younger than Tyler. And the girl looks so terribly young also. Looks like she is his babysitter. In the film it really looked like she could be the babysitter for both of them,except she is young to babysit an infant, in my opinion.

    I am afraid to ask what is next.
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    And it's not only the costs in regards to financial. What about the costs to the girl 'mother' and the boy 'father'? They just gave up their own youth for this baby? And what costs will there be for the baby? Who will parent this baby? And at whose cost? This is just pitiful and insane. I think both sets of the kids' parents are insane. At 12 weeks, she still could have been pursuaded to abort, or, certainly to put the baby up for adoption.

    Sex education is supposed to be about taking careful precautions & open discussions, as well as abstinence. The reality is that kids will experiment and have sex...better that they be prepared emotionally, physically and intellectually. Ugh. Incidentally, doesn't the girl look way older than the boy? I mean he looks so juvenile, as if he is 8. At least she looks like she's 15/16. Creepy.
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    Those poor kids! I include the baby in this.

    People will blame the kids but from what I read, ifany blame lies anywhere (and I'm not sure it's appropriate to assign blame at this stage) then it's perhaps the lack of understanding of sex and the consequences. You don't necessarily think that your son who is so young and looks it, is needing THAT talk just yet. A lot of parents fall down in their duty here. If you have a difficult child you're MORE likely to ensure your child knows the facts. It's the easy child kids, the decent quiet kids, who are more likely to be caught out by circumstances.

    difficult child 3 looked a lot like that boy, when he was 12 and 13. If you see "The Black balloon" you will see difficult child 3 as 'Noah' (school drama production) and he looks a great deal younger than the 13 he turned, the day after filming. He still looks very young, but at 15 difficult child 3's voice has broken and he's been hit with teen acne and the more angular, adolescent face. But otherwise - reading what this boy said, I can 'hear' difficult child 3 and how he would react. As responsible as he could be, for his age. But a total innocent.

    It's sad. But what's done is done. People are rallying around to help these kids, at the moment it sounds like extended family are doing a lot. There will be good services in place to support them, nationalised health care will make a big difference to how they can cope.

    mother in law was a hospital midwife in a rough part of town. She told us of how often she had girls coming in to have 2nd or 3rd babies while still under-age. Some girls were having their 2nd child while as young as 13!

    Society and culture does vary a lot too, over the years and from country to country. It sounds like the police here are doing their best to help. Charging either of these kids would be futile and damaging.

    I remember when I was in my early teens (it would have been in the late 60s, I remember where we were living at the time and we moved in 1969) I read a newspaper article, with photo, of a couple who had just married. I think they lived in Arkansas, I remember looking up the state on our large atlas. The bride was 8 years old. The photo showed a pretty little girl, glasses and wispy blonde hair (I remembered the wisps, I had wispy hair and glasses too) smiling into his face as she held the hand of her middle-aged husband. In the interview she said she was "very happy". I remember I asked my mother if there was a chance of that happening here (meaning me - I had a very close friend, an old man up the street who turned 70 the day I turned 7, I think I was a bit scared someone would misconstrue our friendship).
    From what I recall - the article was in the paper which told me that the couple had gone public, which told me that wherever they were, it was legal. Then. The article said more, but I don't remember it. All I can remember is the picture, I would recognise it again if I saw it.

    That was back in the late 60s. Somewhere, that was acceptable. For these kids - they've made a baby. Probably by total accident and out of ignorance. But the baby is here now, the families are doing what they can. As long as they continue to have extended support, there is no reason any of those kids should suffer. They certainly will be understanding the long-term consequences by now!

    As I said - those poor kids...

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    What I want to know is why these kids are in the public spotlight. Who's bright idea was it to bring them to the attention of the media?
  13. Marguerite

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    The media will always sniff out a good story, especially the British tabloids (sorry to any Brits, but we can blame an Aussie, Rupert Murdoch). The spin on the story is still one of, "kids, be careful or you'll end up like this." But it's a thinly disguised excuse for selling papers. That really baby face of the boy - attention-grabbing. The Sun is a rag.

    But in our news on TV tonight (literally a few minutes ago), is the mention of the possibility tat the boy didn't really father the baby.

    I haven't found anything online about doubts, but our news in the morning will have more info.

    One bit of info - Britain has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in western Europe, so it IS a concern for British politicians. But the rate is still lower than the US and (I think) Canada. So it's possible (likely) that British politicians (note: that word isn't censored on this site when it's plural) are trying to get some polticial milege out of the issue.

    I feel sorry for the boy, with his parents apparently fighting over who gets to sell his story to the highest bidder. Any money raised SHOULD go towards the upkeep of the baby, but how much really will get passed on?

    Now THAT is disgusting, in my opinion.

  14. Marcie Mac

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    Marguerite - there is now a 17 year old claiming to be the father of this child

    Good grief -

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    I hope it is the older boy's. Even if it isn't, it says something about this girl to me. And the parents involved- the first article said that the 13yo was allowed to spend the night at the girl's house. I realize teens will sneak to do what they have their mind made up to do anyway, but figure the odds of me letting my son spend the night at a girl's house- and he did ask at age 11yo. He asked because the girl's mom invited him and even called me to tell me it would be ok with her- the girl was 12 or 13yo, I think. My answer was "NO".
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    Well, at least this gives the boy's parents a chance for a paternity test, to get out of any financial commitment. The younger boy's head is going to be really messed up.
    Not that it isn't already.:(

    Obviously, klmno, these parents have never heard the word, "NO." :(