13-yr-old boy a dad --- NOT

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I cannot say I am surprised. I can almost see the rationalization that they need $$ to raise the baby. The teen mom isn't going to be able to support her. Alfie's family seems to have some $, based on the expensive home they live in, so his parents could be hit up for support. Also, the pics and the story can be sold if the dad is a cute little 13yo, but if it is just one of a number of boys, well, the story is not one anyone would take note of.

    Sadly, this baby is the one I feel sorry for. A week old and already she is a commodity.

    I also feel sorry for Alfie. His parents are crazy for letting him sleep over at a girl's house in her room. Her parents are crazy for letting him sleep over in her room. He clearly is bonding with the baby. Now a paternity test might show he ISN"T the dad? Well, that would be heartbreaking to anyone, esp a young teen boy.

    This whole thing is one big mess.
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    There is a 12 year old at my daughter's school who got a 14 year old from another school pregnant. His parents are going to adopt the child.
    12 ain't what it used to be. Sadly.
    The story in the article is pretty sick.
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    I think I'd wait to find out the results of the DNA tests, before I'd pass judgement. Of course kids are going to come out of the woodwork....they get to come on tv or be in the news too. Regardless, the whole situation just smacks of something wrong (besides the obvious).
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    Definitely, DNA testing is in order.
    What a bunch of scr*wed up people.
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    Poor baby.