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    in this school year !!

    This special teacher has taken difficult child under her wing. He stayed 1.5 hours everyday last week to catch up on homework that he had refused or lied about doing. One day she called easy child and said she can't work with him because he was very mean/rude to her. Next day she and he were fine. He also spent 1.5 hours at the library with her on Saturday.

    He had to serve in school suspension for insubordination(happened on Friday) ISS was to be served on Monday(yesterday) This very special teacher called and said ISS would do him no good so she was keeping him with her the entire day (poor lady!!!!) She said he would take his math.chapter test with her then she would get a wireless laptop and he could work on his unfinished computer applications.

    She wrote me several emails today. Her plan was Tuesday she would correct his test (if you get 70% or less you correct or re-take). I assumed he failed. He just doesn't try. But she wrote later and said he got a "B". Tuesday is "make-up day". So she is spending the day with him again. She is going to ensure he gets his computer applications done. Or atleast worked on.

    The theory of this very small school is not so much on whether you get an A or a F, it is whether you LEARN it. So they are willing to help the students. Answer questions and even explain things during quizes and tests. As long as the student LEARNS they have done their job.

    My neighbor disagrees with that. But I think it is good. He can fail a test, pass the class with a D or even D- and have no clue what is going on. Or, he can re-take the tests or re-do the homework until he understands it. I would much rather have him understand what he is doing than have no clue.

    The district High School (a block away..if that) had 472 graduates. That is 152 more students that graduated than difficult child's entire school (9-12) difficult child had fought with me a good part of the year that he doesn't want to go to this school, it is too hard, wants the district school (3000+). I was told it IS harder because it is a college prep school and not everybody is accepted. They are automatically enrolled in college classes Junior year. They don't get to choose their electives, only their "career path" and electives are chosen for them. But - difficult child WANTS to go back next year. He LIKES it.

    Thank goodness. I could not deal with 3000 kids, and all the different teachers and conselors and staff. Atleast this school every single staff member knows him.

    difficult child is funny. Even when he gets me so angry, he is funny. Many times we have had to walk out of the room and laugh. Many of his jokes were way over the students heads in earlier years. Teachers in elementary school said they couldn't teach because he had the classes attention. He is one of those quick wit kids that don't have to think to respond. Anyway, in English all the kids put their name on a blank paper and passed it around. Everyone had to put something about that person. All of difficult child's responses were how funny he was, how he cracks them up. He even had the teacher and School Resource officer in tears they were laughing so hard. But, not everything is funny and he needs to realize that. There is a point when it goes too far.

    Make up day today. Review day tomorrow. Final exams 1/2 day on Thursday and 1/2 on Friday.

    Due to my work, I feel it will not be a good summer....watercooler
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    One day he WILL appreciate that teacher.

    I had to nag difficult child 1 for the several years it took him to graduate. It was hard work, having to balance the pressure vs the space for him to make his own mistakes. His teachers also put in a similar level of effort. we got him through, and I then took it one step further and got both him and his best friend (another Aspie) enrolled in a one year college course. I had to 'hold their hands' through the enrolment process including introducing them to the college Special Education support staff. I liaised with the college Special Education people through that year, I bullied best friend into NOTdropping out in the last few weeks (he was afraidof failing; I was quietly told he had already passed due to the hard work he had put in, all he had left to do was meet the mandatory attendance requirement).

    A year or so later I overheard difficult child 1 say to a friend, "You should have had my mother helping you through school. Man, she was brilliant!"

    It made it all worthwhile.

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    WOW-what an amazing teacher !! Because of her efforts he will pass this year -- imagine how stressful it would have been for the two of you if he did not pass his first year of high school. If I were you, I would write her a heartfelt note (one that will bring on the tears, thanking her for all her efforts) along with a bunch of flowers, baked items, or a gift card !! She sounds like his savior this year.
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    I agree, she definitely needs to be recognized. When you find someone like that who shares their gifts and time it makes all the difference in the world.