16GB MP3 Player $39.98

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    This is NOT a one day only deal, but do not know how long this will be sold at this price.

    Anyone looking for a birthday gift or an mp3 player for their own use? I need a birthday gift for husband because his is this Fri. I looked before Xmas but couldn't find anything in town. I looked online yesterday and found a deal..

    Walmart is selling the Philips GoGear Ariaz mp3 player with 16GB of memory for just $39,98. I was having a difficult time ifnding one wtih 4GB for that price anywhere else. Mostly the only ones cheaper than that were by Coby and I don't like their products.

    I had a bt of trouble with WM's checkout because couldn't get it to do much. So I went to the store. If you ask back at electronics, they will let you use a computer there to order from their website.