16yr old daughter with social anxiety and other issues in court for truancy..

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    I am at the end of my rope and needing some advice really badly. My daughter is 16 and a great kid she has never been in trouble at school other than for not doing the work. She had a hard time coping in school from day 1 and i had teachers telling me they thought there might be issues with her as far as her attention span and her ability to cope with things the other kids didnt have trouble with such as a kid chewing gum or eating she would get very frustrated and refuse to stay near them which she did at home also and we always let her eat in her room because the sound of anybody chewing pushed her over the edge.
    [/FONT]That along with many other things that I sadly just thought was just jow she was and after a few yrs when she was in 4th grade the school decided to have a diagnostician test her for disability because she struggled so bad doing the work. They said she had a disability that was described as hand eye coordination disability which caused her to be able to say the answers and get them right but if she wrote it she got it wrong and she got answers wrong if she read it but right if read to her. They never mentioned IEP to me and I had never heard of one so after I was told about her Learning Disability (LD) I was told she would be put in classes with two teachers so she had more one on one which they did every year and her work load was cut in half so I assumed everything that they coukd do they were doing.
    When she started 9th in high school she had scraped by to get there every year and she and I were both spent from yrs of struggling and I had fought her daily to get her there because she couldnt stand the enviroment it was everythng she cant cope with all together in one place. Her attendance wasnt good at all. I decided to get out of denial and take her to a Dr and he diagnosed her with adhd and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) but also social anxiety which he said he thought was her biggest issue. I spoke to her principal almost daily trying to figure a way to make it easier for her and he knew of her diagnoses which i assume is why he did try to help make it easier for her. He allowed her to sit in his office anytime she felt she couldnt handle a situation and gave her classes that she wanted things like that and as greatful as I was it didnt help and she really started having harder time plus became depressed because of it and she would tell me how she just dont belong there she cant do things the kids there can and she felt very bad about herself and begged to quit and get ged but I said no we werent giving up. Her Dr put her on homebound and a teacher dropped off her work twice a week and she was expected to do it all even though even in school she had to have a teacher help her to ever complete any work and my mother was dying so I wasnt able to help like she needed so when the work wasnt completed the principal said he cant keep her on homebound without work done so he stopped it. I then decided to say yes to ged since I was mentaly beat and still busy with my mom and she didnt return to school. After a month the school called to say the law in Mo. Where we live had changed a month ago to 17 the legal age to quit school and since shes 16 they said they had to report her to juv court truant. We had to go to court and even though I had told the juv officer about her disabilities they werent mentioned in court and no I had no lawyer because I didnt think I needed one or that it would be a problem since they could see her records and why she was truant but no records were looked at. They put her on probation and ordered she attend an alternative school as they called it thats 45 min from our home and ran by DCFS. I was told it was a place she can get ged thats a school that focuses on ged but there was no openings so she was ordered to return to her school until there be an opening. She went the next day just to be told that because her Dr had sent a letter before saying she needed a partial schedule they had no available options for her and she couldnt return there. I had then asked I be allowed to homeschool her since probation rules stated if she wasnt in school of some form she would be sent to juv detention and the probation officer said she refused to do work on homebound she wont on homeschool but I convinced her I would be able to help her and she said ok to do until opening at the alt school the court ordered. The next day we were to go to a probation orientation and were 5 min late so they said we had to reschedule and the problem officer was visibly angry even though a wreck on hiway caused us to be 5 min late she didnt care and oddly she called next day saying have her in the school ordered by court tomorrow or your in contempt of court. I did research and found its not a school but a treatment facility for kids with behavior problems and it works by the child having to complete the program which involves community service and working in groups with the kids and trying to council each other and things like that and its a 8 hr day 5 day week and 2 saturdays a month. Not to mention there searched daily and cant have even a purse with them. I said no way can I put her there she cant cope in regular school and this place is everything she couldnt deal with in school wrapped together in one times ten and also its year round no summer breaks to add to everything else so I was charged with educational neglect and they filed a motion to have court give dcfs protective custody and ofcourse they did and even tho her Dr had sent a letter that somehow again never made it to the judge saying this place would not be good for her and giving her diagnoses and saying she would do best if homeschooled but I was ordered to put her in the placethey were told by a Dr would be not good for her. I took her as hard as it was but having dcfs tell me they would have a sherrif come get her and all 3 of my kids would be in foster care which 2 of my kids are honir students but would be put in foster care for educational neglect and juv officer threatening to put her in detention daily I had no choice. I found out there is not a kid in there that hasnt been arrested for a major crime and not one kid was in there for just not going to school like her and the director said to me that I shoukd tell my daughter dont associate with any kids there because there in there for pretty bad stuff. She has been in this place two weeks im driving her to and from daily 45 min each way because she cant ride a bus because her soc anxiety she never could be in small area with more than few people without breaking out in a sweat and freaking out but her juv officer said thats rediculus! I am trying to make them see this is putting her so far back and she is falling apart. Iv got no where they wont let her go anyplace but this so called school and I now have learned about IEP and it seems to me she got the treatment she would have if she had one but they just didnt do the paperwork i guess because the Special Education dpt of her school said they had no file for her and im not understanding why I wasnt told about the IEP and why she wasnt given that when she obviously qualified for all the things it would have done other than it being documented so she wouldnt have ever ended up in the court. Her principal knew all of her diagnoses I dont know why he let this happen. If anyone can tell me anything that can help me save my daughter from this system thats gonna destroy her I would love to hear it!!! Sorry to write a book I wanted to give as much info as I could in hopes of getting help.
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    Sadly, the court can make things worse.

    Is your doctor willing to put her on homebound? That is write a letter to the school stating that due to her illness, she is not allowed to attend school for the remainder of the school year?

    What state are you in? In many states, with your permission, she can drop out of school at 17. There are many, many online options for getting her education.

    Since the school has been aware of her disabilities for almost 10 years, they have been legally responsible for educating her appropriately. You many need to get an attorney but an attorney may be able to make more progress than you have done.
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    REALLY sounds like you need an attorney. Research some parent support groups in your area for ADHD or Asperger's or Autism. I'm not saying she has any of those, but those groups will have the information you need t try and correct this situation for your daughter. There may be an advocacy group that can help with legal issues, etc. There may be an attorney in one of the groups that may be willing to help for a reduced fee or pro bono if money is really an issue. Look up legal aid options or you local ACLU (discrimination against her disability)

    I know it's really hard, but help is out there, you just have to find it.

    Help is right here in this forum as well, just not the kind you need ASAP
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    You need a lawyer. NOW. Do not mix your daughter in with-the kids who are in there for real crimes.

    She needs Special Education.

    Get a copy of all the ltrs that have been written on your daughter's behalf, from doctors, teachers, etc, and HAND DELIVER them and get signatures from the people you hand them to.

    You can get a court appointed atty if you can't afford one.

    Welcome, and I am so sorry for your problems. Is your daughter on any medications? Seems like she needs to be. She is really struggling. And so are you.
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    She is on medications.. She takes 30mg Aderall and she takes Celexa for depression which is only caused from being in this situation.

    Our case worker from DCFS that we now have to have come to our house once a month came yesterday and she is a nice lady however she works for the people that have us in this awful situation and as much as she seems to not feel like thos is right she is im sure she has an obligation to not let it be known to us but she did say how she dont understand how its legal for her principal to have said he couldnt take her back because of her spec needs her Dr said she needed when she was in the school because he had no available staff to work with her.

    I tried explaining to the lady thats the reasin im fighting this she should have been on IEP so he wouldnt have had to report her truant and we never would have ended up in court with a juv officer who knows nothing about a child with spec needs telling the judge what should happen to her. She said same thing iv heard from everyone including my own lawyer .. Now that its court ordered she be in the school ran by DCFS its next to impossible to get the judge to change the order as long as DCFS and juv officer/ probation officer are telling him this is what they feel is best for her.

    The lawyer I hired simply showed up in court the day of the hearing when her problem officer turned me intoDCFS for ed neglect because I refused to enroll her in this jail they call school and they were trying to take my daughter away along with my other 2 kids who both hapoen to be honor students and he agreed to give DCFS protective custody of my kids so now they have protective custody of my daughter who hasnt ever been in trouble or even had detention and simply wasnt showing good attendence due to a medication diagnosis and was told by me she could quit and get ged because i wasnt aware law changed to a year older being age to do so and we tried to return to school but were told she couldnt because they had no staff to deal with a kid needing spec help and my two other kids who also never been in trouble and are both strait A students becsuse i am charged with ed neglecting them. Needles to say that lawyer and I arent on good terms!

    The court apptd a lawyer to represent my daughter and she was in court the day of the hearing as well and also told the judge my child should be in this jail school even though she never met or spoke to her once and asked me aftr i contacted her to ask why she would say what she felt best for a kid shes never met if i could send her files because she hasnt got the files from juv office or DCFS yet so she told judge she agreed never even having seen file.

    My daughter has vision problems which she sees ok with her glasses but she has inflamation on corneas that she sees specialist for and she gets bad headaches and light sensativity from so she missed 3 days last week with Dr excusing the days I was told dont matter she has to make the days up by staying 2 hrs late evryday and sat school until she has the days made up and she will be out this week two days for Dr appts so she will be doing late days and sat school til end of time since she has alot of dr appts on reg basis. School is out now for her brother and sister but she still has to go since its year round jail school as i like to call it and we wont be able to do any of the things we usualy do in summer since I stay home with them we like to go to pool or just get out and do summer stuff since shes in school all summer and even on sat now and this is a kid who had a melt down dealing with reg school going half days and being able to walk out and go sit in counclr office if she was having trouble coping but at this place shes not even allowed to speak to tell them shes having issu with anything or she adds hours to the aftr school she already has and i had to sign a paper that said anytime a child tries to walk out of class without permission they do whats called restraints and its where three grown men take the child to the ground and apply plastic cuffs on them when enrolling her against my wil because if i didnt a sherrif was coming to take my kids away and i wanted to vomit as i signed it!

    Im at end of my rope it seems like the juv court can do anything they want and cant be gone up against. Iv gathered her records and iv sent letters from her dr stating this is having a bad affect on her and i keep hearing it dont matter its court ordered. When i told her juv officer im having to take and pick her up daily to the school since she cant handle a bus full of kids much less ones that are handcuffed or in home arrest bracelets for some crime they commited she looked at me and said thats ridiculous!!

    If anyone has any advice how i can save my baby girl from these people that do not care about her and show that she is only in the system because the school didnt do what the law says they have to do i could really use the help... Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, we are very limited as to what advice we can give in this situation from a forum. You need someone there, next to you, talking to you and your daughter, looking at her files, BEFORE standing in front of a judge

    You are experiencing a parent's worst nightmare - a made for TV movie candidate.

    I tried asking in private message, but that feature was not working on your account. What city and State do you live in?
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    Were in Arnold Missouri a suburb of St Louis.. Im havnt figured out how this all works lol so I guess thats why that isnt set up but I will try getting my profile set up tomorrow.
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    http://www.autismspeaks.org/community/fsdb/category.php?Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)=30&cid=68

    That's the resource page for Autism speaks. You can refine the search for closer to your zip code. I had done an internet search using Arnold.

    These resources are not just for autism, so call, email, or visit the websites to see which ones might be able to help you and your daughter. Or just contact them all to "practice" getting your story organized and concise. It's also always possible that if one place you call can't help, they may direct you to someone who can. ( I do this sometimes, and after the 5th call I get the right person, but turns out I wasn't explaining myself clearly on the first 4 calls anyway.)

    In your last post you added that she has serious vision issues as well. So she has BOTH medical and mental health issues. Make that clear when you contact people.

    If all else fails, call the local "investigative" news channel and newspapers. I so wish I could do more to help.

    Keep us updated.
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    Thank You, I will definitly try to contact them. Its really a scary situation and one I never could have imagined happening.

    I have reached out to so many places and it almost feels to me like when I explain whats happened that they are reading more into it or assuming that there must be more to the story rather it is that she has been into legal trouble at some point before or that we are parents that have had DCFS called before because its hard to believe this would happen otherwise and as much as I dont blame anyone for thinking that because I probably would have thought the same thing had anyone told me the state was trying to take their children simply because a kid with the disabilities wasnt going to school especially one thats almost 17 but sadly the fact is what iv told them is the entire story and I am hearing the same thing everyplace I turn which is once its in a court and ordered by the judge its pretty much a lost cause.

    This is a great place to vent I really needed to just get it all out and I appreciate the feedback from people that seem to understand what im going through....

    To vent a little more lol... i want to add that the first DCFS worker that came to our house the day aftr I refused to enroll her in their so called jail school came in and told me she had just left my 11yr old sons school and spoke with him (alone) and his teacher and principal. I should explain my son has had emotional problms from the day he was born. He has a weird stomach issue that the doctors think are tied in with the emotional issues. In the mornings if he smells any strong smell good or bad he vomits and with two sisters its hard to not have hairspray or any other girly smell going on and he has probably vomited four out of five mornings before school every week so that causes him to be late alot and iv even told his principal to look at video camera footage of the front of school because he will see me pulling up to drop him off and him leaning out door vomiting tons of times and as a mom its hard to push your kid out the door vomiting and go so many days he would miss and so many other days he vomited in class and i had to get him. The first few yrs of school he vomited so much in school we had to come up with a plan that i would pick him up bring him home to shower or clean up and bring him back. It also dont help everytime he would get sick the nurse and or teacher would get mad at him and say he is faking to go home. It got so bad that he feared vomiting in front of them he would ask to go to restroom and he had learned to keep his hoodie on all day but yank it off before vomiting and even though it was all over his shirt at times he put hoodie over it and acted like nothing happened to avoid humiliation from teacher saying hes faking.

    I spoke to teachers many times snd told them he has had this problem all his life its real and because if he gets upset it causes him to vomit him being told he is faking is just making him fear doing it so much he ends up doing it and one day he came home like many times before with vomit on his shirt and a hoodie over it and he didnt want me telling the school because he feared them knowing he was doing it at all out of dread of them getting on to him so i took his vomit covered shirt to school and showed teacher, nurse and principal and said if hes doing it to come home then why has he been doing it and hiding it and staying rest of day covered in it?

    The principal said he would advise yeacher and nurse to say nothing else to him and did no good they still do to this day. He just got sick on his teachers feet last week because she had him standing at her desk lecturing him on importance of being on time after i had told her and had his Dr send paperwork stating he has emotional issues that cause him physical sickness and he cant handle being addressed in any harshway especially in front of class so if he does wrong he ofcourse should be corrected but not in front of everyone and not in a loud or harsh tone because if not he will without fail vomit everywhere. Silly of an issue as it sounds its real but the school wont take it serious id think they are sick of him vomiting all over and would have figured out if they do like they have been told he wouldnt vomit everwhere.

    The DCFS worker mentioned my son had missed on avg 18 days every year since kindergarden and I said im aware and said if you spoke to his teacher and principal im sure you know why and she said they didnt sayanything other than he has poor attendence. I told her about the emotional/ stomach issue and she rolled eyes and said the school didnt say a word about that or that he has any issues and they told her I hardly even call when he misses and that they try contacting me and I wont return the calls. I assured her thats so not true and said how I have been in contact with them on reg basis and anytime he misses i call to have his missed work sent home with a kid from next door and he does all of his make up work.

    She said this case is the worst case of ed neglect the county has delt with and I had to laugh and say how so considering my two kids are honor students including my son who has missed alot of days but still manages strait a's and my daughter graduated this year with a 4.0 and my kids are the worst ed neglected inour county? She said yes and said the reason my songets strait a's is only because his teacher takes time away from class to work with him to get his missed work completed and again i laughed because his friend brings work home and i sit and help him and twice there were a few problems we couldnt figure out so i told himtake it and have his teacher help him and he came back home with still not done and said she told himgoogle it if he cant figure it out so my point in telling all of this is these people say whatever they want to say to make you look as bad as they can.

    I think it is that they have to have so many families that they are involved with and i think the worse they make it sound the better they look for stepping in to "save" the children and sadly the families that need them on their butts are to hard to catch or something because there are so many kids near us that have parents on drugs or that stay drunk and some that just dont supervise their kids and they dont get messed with. A friend of my oldest daughters has a sister that went to the same school as Taylor ( my daughter with disabilities) and at 15 they put her on homebound just because her mom said she was having girl drama and she didnt do the homebound work so they stopped it and she had to go back but her16 th birthday was last December and she left school and never went back. My daughters birthday is in Oct and it was last Oct that she had stopped the homebound and I had agreed to let her work on ged and we were called in Nov and told law changed to 17 and then our nightmare started but the other girl hasnt been in school since Decand still hasnt even heard from school much less juv court and to add to it she also has a brother thats 14 and has missed 43 days this year and hasnt been charged with truancy.

    The this is worst ed neglect in our county **** isnt sitting well considering i know of many kids that dont go to school and their parents dont care and that have no medication or mental reasons for not going. I think its sad to say but the funding must be way to high for DCFS if they have enough funding to come in to a home like ours and see kids that have a mom that devotes her life just to raising them and a nice home with everything a kid can want for and petition court to remove kids and put into foster care over this then my opinion is either they need to be put on trial themselves and made to do the job their paid to do which is helpkids that really are neglected or abused or if they dont then the funding needs cut because their destroying lives and given alot of funding to do it along with juv court officers who think they know more than a doctor.

    Im becoming a very bitter person and so are my kids and it breaks my heart. Iv already started hearing the pleading from my daughter this morning to not make her go back to that place Tues and its so hard to have to say iv got no choice.
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    From this moment forward put EVERYTHING in writing. If your son is going to be even 30 seconds late to school, write a note(email) explaining why. Send copies to principal, teacher, attendance person. Take pictures of the vomit as well. keep copies of all the pictures (or video) Any conversation you have with the school regarding vomiting, absences or other issues, follow up with an email. CC all involved parties. This way, if they conveniently "forget" the information, you have proof that they knew about it.

    It sounds like your son has a disorder that I happened to stumble upon before I ended up on this site. I'll see if I can go back and find it. It is literally a vomiting "disorder" the bit I read about the kids and parents was that they vomited OFTEN, and they all had IEP (I was originally searching IEP information) to give them shortened days since generaly the bulk of the vomiting is in the morning. I've never heard of kids faking vomiting so much and so often. Belly aches? SURE! but not the actual vomiting. You son NEEDS and IEP or 504 plan.

    Unfortunately, once in courts, it is really tough to get people to listen, but you're trying, so you have keep trying until you've exhausted every possible avenue. Yeah, people might think you are trying to hide your daughter's criminal record or something (yeah I know nothing to hide, you'd think they'd look it up, right?), so you have to keep beginning communication as simple as possible.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am searching out assistance for my daughter who has documented medical and mental health issues. She is now 16 years old and despite her problems, with the assistance of teachers, she has been managing to get through school. I just recently learned that due to her medical and mental health issues, she should have qualified for and had an IEP or a 504 plan. I had never heard of these things until last week, and the schools never indicated that there were legal plans to assist my daughter with her problems.

    Recently, even though she had a Dr's note saying she was to be home bound, she ended up getting reported as truant and got pushed through the court system. She has been ordered to attend (Name of school). She has no criminal record and does not use drugs. (Name of School) is even less concerned about her medical and mental health issues than her original school was.

    I am being accused of educational neglect despite the fact that I have two other children who are getting As. Despite the fact that I personally drive my daughter to (Name of School).

    My youngest child also has a chronic medical issue that causes him to vomit - a lot. Due to this he is often late for school, or misses days, or comes home early

    I don't know exactly what help my children and I need, but I know we need help. Any and all assistance in navigating my situation would be appreciated.


    That's a sample I quickly wrote up for you. It's simple and concise, and has all the required information. You can add a little bit more, but really keep it short - all the details will come later.

    ANYTHING you are forced to sign you can try adding a note: "I am signing under duress because I was told this was my only and best option" I don't know if they will let you, but it's worth a try. If needed in future court issues this will show that you were trying to be cooperative, but you don't feel you were fully informed of your options, and you weren't thrilled with doing what they wanted you to do, but you were being cooperative trying to find the best solutions for your kids.

    Sweetie, you are a target only because you don't know how the system works. Although you have good medical care for your daughter and son, and teachers and staff accommodated them, none of it was "legal" so as far as schools and courts are concerned these problems do not really exist. Start researching on the internet NOW. Educate yourself as much as possible. I know it's a lot of information, and it can get VERY complicated, but learn as much as you can.

    Seriously consider the TV or Newspaper option.

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    I will definitly do that from now on I know now the people im up against are not going to back down so iv gotto fight as hard as I can.

    The hardest part is not knowing where to turn for help. Iv contacted everyone from the Special Education dpt of school to the Missouri dpt of ed and im hearing the same answer.. Now that its a legal matter they cant do anything and that makes me so much more frustrated because I didnt know about the way the IEP and 504 thing worked then to have kept it from becoming a legal matter and im pretty confident in thinking the principal that knew of her disabilities knew how it was supose to work and must have thought she needed to be on one or the other since he did everything for her as if she were on one other than putting it on paper because I can only assume he didnt feel like bothering with it and then he was the one that ended up reporting her truant.

    Its a sad thought but I feel defeted and know iv gotto take her back there crying Tuesday morning begging me to not make her go.. Its the hardest thing as a mother to have to force your child that you know suffers from disabilities and see the affects they have on her to go to a place you know is only hurting her. I know she has lost faith in the legal system and so have myself and my other two kids. I raised them to believe the laws were made to protect them and to respect them but how can I tell them that now after they have seen how unfair and wrong the legal system can be and it seems to me the school system that didnt do what the law says they are to do with kids like her should be charged with neglect but they wont be even questioned because its alot easier for the system to go after a mother that doesnt have any real way to defend herself against them than to try fixing a corrupt school system. For every mother they can pull into there system and make look like shes unfit and they are stepping in and saving the kids they score some type of points i guess i dont know but its scary it truly is scary! Thank You for your advice and for listening it really does help to just hear from people who can understand what were going through!!:)
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    I found the information website I mentioned for your son.

    http://www.cvsaonline.org/ on the left there is a link for What is CVS. I have no clue if this really fits your son or not, but since you said your Dr only had vague "it's stress" answers, then this might be worth exploring.

    Please know that you and your children are in my prayers
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    Thank You I will check it out...
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    Great job, Keista!
    I was going to add the part about signing, "Under duress," but you did it. :)
    Many hugs ... and I'm sending fortitude and strength, Jolosh6.
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    I wanted to say that sounds just like my son's issue with vomiting. His is more consistant than alot of the stories they spoke about. He started it when he was a baby and still does it. Its definitly made school difficult and dealing with teachers that thought a little tough love would cure him did not help at all but I can see where someone that has never had to deal with somebody that has the problem might question it.

    To give a little update on the situation with my daughter... She has had a crazy problem with her eyes. We thought she had pink eye but turns out she has some inflamation on her corneas and has been in alot of pain but we have been to a few specialists and it seems to be better. She has missed about 4 days of going to the jail school and thats a no no... Even though I let them know why she has missed and that she has Dr's notes they are not happy and tomorrow is the monthly meeting for the juv officer/ probation officer and the DCFS worker along with myself and a few other people I dont know to sit and pretty much have them all compare notes and bash my parenting skills and do alot of threatening to take my kids away. Its truly a treat!! Last month I walked out after hearing it for about ten min so we will see how it goes this time but they plan to have somebody from the so called school there this time im sure to fill them in on how she is late alot and now has missed these days and everyother thing that hasnt been done like they expect.

    My point to these people is that if she were never late or had no problems with getting up and going to this place then she wouldnt have ever been placed in the place to begin with since obviously she wasnt able to cope in reg school going half days for last year and her principal even said he knew her problems were real irs never been a behavioral problem its an anxiety problem for most part and now because a judge ordered she sttend this place everyday never being tardy they expect her to do so and im sorry to tell them its never gonna happen shes as unable to do that as a child with a disability that causes them to not be able to walk is unable to walk and im pretty sure no judge is going to threaten a child for not being able to walk however he will threaten my daughter for bring unable to go and sit in this place working in groups with kids that have spent alot of time in juvenile det that she has nothing in common with and its just not fair I get the life is unfair thing but this is just crossing a line in my opinion and I wouldnt wish this on anyone.

    Feels good to vent!!!
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    Get her Eye DR to be at the meeting, or at least call in.

    Obviously documentation from him isn't enough. Get his presence there some how. Get ALL the medical documentation you can get your hands on to have in a BIG GIANT folder in front of you.

    I'll be thinking of you and ending positive energy your way.
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    Write a letter to the ACLU. Tell them the school is taking your child to court for truancy do to health issues and that the school knowing knows are real. By the way get a IEP or a 504 for your child the school and the courts should have told you that but they are dummies and only really worry about their pay check!!! Better yet go to the school and get them to make copies of all your kids records and mail them to the ACLU and kept copies for yourself. Don't be scared , that is what the school,courts and judges want you/us to be. Stay strong MOM we mothers,grandmothers and great-grandmothers are with you remember that!!!! The ACLU are fighting cases like yours all over this country. I feel the school,state and courts are losing there minds. I've been a MOTHER for 35 years and there's not a judge in this country going to tell me when to send my children to school sick. I told that to a judge because I am there mother and they were attacking me and my family . I want to march to Washington D.C with a lot of mothers and tell them to fix this!!!!! I think we all are tired of been bullied,threaten,belittle and put down in front of our kids. As MOTHERS WE ARE TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN no matter what!!!! I was named after a female dog and you know what they call her.... well that's what I become when you try to harm my children or other people's children. "By the way my brother is Dyslexic and DOG to him was GOD.LOL So I love my name Susan" Ps: no one pays us...