17 year cicadas


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LOL. I heard yesterday that this spring is the spring the 17 year cicadas will hatch here I remember I was a child and in girl scouts, and on a spring campout when they hatched one time. It was incredible, they were everywhere. Their shells were as thick on the ground as leaves are thick in fall on the ground. They were amazing critters.


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I have an easy way to remember when they emerge here. They were out when NF was born, and, of course, when he was 17!
We live in an area with lots of old trees. It gets SO bad here that you cannot have a conversation outside for at least a month.

If you have a dog, watch how many he "snacks" on. A lot of people here were having troubles with their pets getting upset stomachs.


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Are they different in areas of the country? We had the 17 year cicadas in 2003 here. It was awful. You had to walk around with a tennis racket everywhere and swat them so you won't get them stuck in your hair. ewwwww.