19 hours 46 minutes


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19 hours 21 minutes until Kanga starts school. The plan is to keep her so busy this year that she just collapses into bed each night. I pray that we can exhaust her so she doesn't have energy for her attitude.


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About 15 hours now...it is crawling by...why can't any of her friends be home so she can go there???? I have to leave for work in 45 minutes and I can't take a shower cause I can't leave her alone with the others. :grrr:


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Oh JJJ, I laughed out loud... too funny and too deja-vu. :wink: Couldn't wait for school to start and then *prayed* that I wouldn't be getting phone calls too quickly, LOL. Sigh... the good old days. :wink:

Hope your plan works and you have a lot of activities lined up. Especially hope you have a fantabulous "me-day" planned for yourself tomorrow!


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I laughed too! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the exhaustion to hit the second she walks in the door LOL!

Maybe an after school program? Sports? Something? Probably hard with her ~ Dylan struggles with that stuff too. He does good with karate. A thought. Lots of girls in there, too.

I can't leave difficult child 2 alone yet. Just stopped by my babysitters house today to see if he could get dropped off there from school until I get home. 15 years old, and he's going to a babysitter.

Hope you enjoy your day tomorrow!


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Kanga actually is involved in lots of extra activities. She tends to do well with them (Thank God!!). So she should be busy about 4 hours after school most days (first 2 hours with school activities and next 2 hours with club sports).

However, I just picked her up from a pre-tryouts conditioning camp only to be told that she got sassy with a rec center employee. I told her that if she got herself banned from the facility, she was done playing club sports, that I was not driving her any farther than our local facility because she couldn't keep her big mouth shut (she wasn't even the one getting reprimanded -- but she had to throw her 2 cents in). AAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!



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Course the school didn't have all their ducks in a row. I had to drive her cause they hadn't arranged bus transportation to school; they didn't have her set up to meet the social worker today (despite her IEP clarifying daily meetings!!) The principal didn't want to let me in the building and (not having met this principal before, so didn't know who she was) basically told her to get out of my way. Did the warrior mom thing, met with the social worker, got Kanga a few minutes with her, took care of other issues that someone couldn't have been communicated prior to the 1st day.

Course Kanga is home already (hate half days!@@!)

We're all going to get our hair cut! Yikes, wish us luck!!


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I'm envious JJJ, I can't wait for school to start here. It doesn't start until Monday. GRRR!

This week I still have to get school supplies, go to 2 seperate schools to pick up schedules and do walk throughs etc.

I am soooo ready for school to start!


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We didn't even make it out the door. I just won't take her to have something nice done when her attitude is so poor.


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I wouldn't have gone either!!! Good for you! I always feel guilty but I am learning, if K or N has an attitude... well forget about it!!!
Why should you be miserable???

We have until Sept 4 and 5th fo school, the girls are ready to explode with excitement...
I am excited but nervous to start "real" school... after reading all of your stories of what happens... LOL