19 More Days! Grrrrr...

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by nvts, Aug 23, 2009.

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    I gotta tell ya - I've got 19 days to go and I can't wait!

    They've been fighting like cats and dogs, husband is being a pita, the dog is totally stressed that they never leave and Evie (the baby) keeps waiting for "Mommy Mondays" (that's when we have tons of playtime on the rug without her getting stepped on!) to come and they never do.

    The filter on the fishtank went belly-up (yes, pun intended!) so we had 2 casualties on the still unnamed goldfish - had to pack all 4 into the car to go buy one at 8:30 at night - ($50.00 bucks for $3.00 worth of goldfish!), one of the lizards got a tumor on its neck and died, tried to clean the carpet in the l/r and made a bigger mess than when I started, AND it's been 900 degrees because of the humidity.

    None of them have school placements for Sept. 9th so I don't know where they're going to school. My advocate friend told me not to try and find them out (I can "finess" my way through the Board of Ed to get info!). I have an impartial hearing request out there in limbo for difficult child 2.

    difficult child 1 and 3 have been at each others throats and their anxiety levels over the placements are increasing exponentially on a daily basis.

    difficult child 2 is "junked out" on Wizard 101.

    All three are fighting over the tv.

    husband is a crab.

    My house is a pig sty.

    My Dad is grouchy. Lil sis is being a "victim" again. My other sister (the really, really mean one) just got fired (let's be clear here - not laid off - FIRED!) and may be moving back in with my Dad, lil' sis and her 2 boys. She wants to bring an adopted pitt bull with her that she was fostering and later adopted and lil's sis is up in arms.

    My bff mother in law has decided to defend me whenever difficult child 1 gets mouthy with me which turned into a physical confrontation in BJ's Wholesale Club. I ended up with strangers staring, small children crying, difficult child 2 and 3 going off and me making ALL of them cry (including bff mother in law).

    My 88 year old neighbor keeps coming to me and asking if I've seen anyone strange in his yard as his sunflower heads are all being cut off with scissors, and I don't want to offend him by telling him that I've got a real feeling that it's his schizophrenic daughter doing it (I keep seeing her wandering the yard and hanging out next to the sunflowers).

    I washed 3 loads of towels and folded them and put them in a basket near the back door and found them 20 mins later all over the living room floor so that they could build an obstical course (of course this was before I vacuumed so they're now covered in dog hair).

    Thank you for coming so far and letting me rant!

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    Beth... I sooo hear you. Yesterday, Duckie pointed out my favorite commercial. It's the Office Max one where the jubilant father is doing back to school shopping with his sourpuss kids. "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing in the background. I want you to take a big red marker (or, if those have been confiscated, you can use a broken crayon). Go to your calendar. Draw a circle over Sept 9th and add eyes and a smile. Your day will come, yes it will!!! (And mine too!) :thumbsup:
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    TM! I'd use the broken crayon, but I keep that in my checkbook for when I'm out and need to write a check! ;)

    I've decided to simply rock back and forth in a fetal position for the next 18 and counting days!