19 year old son on k2

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    Hello,,,well i dunno where to start. Never thought i would be doing this. My son is 19 and i think hooked on k2. Last summer he would become violent and start screaming crazily and go into a rage, it ended up with him hitting his mother and we had him arrested. Well,when they picked him up he was in possesion of mad hatter a form of k2 i understand. He was arrested stayed in jail overnight and was then sent to a mandatory rehab for 3 or 4 days i cant remember. Anyway they couldnt keep him longer unless he wanted to. And of course he didnt. Wel yda yada yada,here we are now he had since moved in with his girlfriend and seemed to be doing ok,,,well they break up cause she finds k2 papers in their room. I told his mother there is no way he is coming back in our house help guys i dont know what to do,,he wont admit he is even doing it but there are charges at the head shop close to our town on his debit card he is denying this to the end!!
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    Hello and welcome to the CD board. I'm sorry that you had to find us but glad that you did.

    We have several members who frequent this forum that have children who have used k2 and will have more technical knowledge for you. My difficult child's addictions were prescription pills and alcohol so I can't help much there.

    However, no matter what the addiction is, you are right to take a stand now. It will only get worse if you enable him. You have a perfect opportunity here. Tell him that he can not live in your house while he is using illegal substances. Period. His choice is to seek treatment (inpatient rehab followed by a sober living facility) or be homeless.

    Is your wife on the same page? If he hit her once, he will do it again. I hope that she understands that he needs help and letting him back into your home is the worst thing that you can do.

    As far as the charges at the head shop . . . of course they are his and he will deny it to the end. That's what addicts do. They lie. We have a saying . . .When an addict's lips are moving, he/she is lying.

    Others will come by with words of advice and support. You have found a wonderful place where people have already been through this or are currently going through what is happening with your son. I know that I couldn't have survived what we went through with my difficult child if I didn't have this wonderful place to turn to.

    Keep posting!

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    Hello and welcome. My son used drugs and alcohol I'm not sure if he used K2 but while he was hopped up on something he stomped on me and broke my rib. He has never lived under my roof again. He was 18 at the time. You can help them without giving them access to your home. I strongly suggest that you do not let him come hometo you. There are programs and halfway houses and shelters and soup kitchens and a mirad of other services available to a person who is not able to live with their families. Since he is aready out of your house you do not have the issue of having to go through eviction proceedings to get him out. The process varies from state to state but is time consuming and not a good thing when you need the person to leave immediately. Eviction is a process that can take a month or more even if they are violent. And once he has re-established himself in your home, by law you cannot put him out without due process. -RM
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    Welcome, idunno. You have stumbled accross a wonderful site where, sadly, we have all been there done that OR are still there and doing that. Sigh! My post won't be too long because I have a "bug" that is morphing my personality into an unpleasant human being. on the other hand I wanted to reach out tonight. It sounds like you and your wife may not be on the same page. Although I can 100% relate to your sadness, shock and dismay that your precious son has turned into an addict you and your wife have to get on the same page to present a united front. Your son (all of our sons and daughters) needs to know that the two of you agree on boundaries. Many of our family members have drawn the line at violence. Others have decided they won't tolerate stealing. The "bottom line" varies from family to family but the one thing that doesn't vary is the need to have a united front. Otherwise he'll be playing one against the other.
    Our kids are "players". They can turn it on or turn it off. They are manipulators.

    Make every effort to get on the same page with the same line in the sand. As we used to say in the South years ago"may God strike me dead if I'm lying" :) most of us would volunteer to be run over by a Mack truck to save our loved addicts. That is not an option. Our addicts have to grab the reins and learn to own their choices. We all cry behind closed doors but we have to draw the line. Sending caring thoughts to you and your wife and your son. DDD
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    Hello and welcome. None of us thought we would be doing this. Here we are, all huddled in the same corner! You have been given some good advice. May I suggest you and your wife find a Families Anonymous or other 12 step program. I have found some support at FA. It is so difficult to get ourselves out of the enabling mode. We love these kids. They don;t want to be as sick as they are. Once they are, it is a tough road home, slips, slides and relapses. They kill our hearts and spirits and we have to go searching for ourselves in all this. Some of what we do as parents makes it worse for addicts. I am amazed at each meeting what hits me and what I learn. I don't know anything about K2, my experience is with marijuana and a sexual addiction. Addiction is addiction and, the behaviors seem to be universal. They are often compounded by mental illness which just makes the recovery process very difficult.

    I think you should stick to your guns about your home. You can help him find a rehab. if he will allow this. It sometimes takes homelessness to get them to these places and to get help. I don't know if I will be able to do it-but it seems to be the only thing that works if you read on this board. Keep us posted and know this is a good place to come and get ideas, support and to vent...we get it.
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    Welcome to this community. You will find a lot of advice and support from parents who have been through the kind of crisis that you are living with right now.
    I also have an 18 year old son who was addicted to K2 last fall. He told my h and I that K2 was really scaring him, because he had a couple of bad reactions while high on this drug. He was concerned enough to agree to enter a 30 day rehab program, and our difficult child was clean of drugs when he came home after 30 days. When he was discharged from rehab our difficult child told us that he was never going to use K2 again. Unfortunately he relapsed on other drugs a few days after coming home from rehab. In just one month he started to steal to get money for drugs. He was arrested for theft and residential burglary, and for the last 3 weeks he has been sitting in jail. It is a nightmare for my h and I to have a son in jail, but at least we know that he is not using drugs and he is safe now.
    You and your wife will have to establish rules about what you will accept and what is not acceptable from your son. I can certainly understand why you do not want your difficult child to live at your home again, and I hope that you wife agrees with you. Your difficult child is legally an adult now, so he does not have any right to live at your home. We refused to give our difficult child any money at all, because we didn't want our money to be spent on drugs. We knew that our difficult child would get desperate for money when he was not getting it from us, but my h and I had to take a stand about not supporting his drug habit. We also did not let him drive our cars at all, and we always had to hide our keys (and literally sleep with our car keys) to prevent him from driving our cars. Now that your son is 19 you can not force him to enter rehab. But you do not have to support his drug habit. He will have to reach a point where he wants his life to change before he will agree to enter rehab. I know how hard it is as a parent, but you must remember this important message: You didn't cause it, You can't control it; and you can't cure it.
    Keep posting on this board, and stay strong.
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    Hi idunno,

    How are you doing today? How are things going with your son? Please update us when you get a chance.

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    Nothing new. He hasnt called or come around since confronted about it.
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    Just wanted to welcome you and let you know you have gotten some very good advice here. I'm sure you will hear from him at some point when he needs something. Do you know what your plan is going to be?

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    Just adding my welcome. I hope you hear from him soon , just to know he is ok....

    Will be nice to get to know you.
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    Hello and Welcome,

    Keep posting and letting us know how it is going. Many of us have been there and are still there in one form or another. We understand the confusion and pain at watching your son spiral downhill. The violence is scary and you are right not to tolerate it and I think given that he should not come home without a very clear plan.... and any violence and he would need to be out the door again. You may have to refuse to help him until he wants help himself. It is a very hard stand to take.... and very hard when they don't want help. Howevery you cant force help, he has got to get there himself.... although you can certainly push the issue by refusing to have him live with you and to not give him any money.

    Keep posting here....we are an understanding group.

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    I'm glad you found our little group but I'm sorry for the reasons you are here. I think you will find a lot of wonderful support and understanding here which can hopefully comfort you.

    Keep posting!
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    Hey guys ,,me again,,i am back :(,,things were going well,,boy had a job,,,problem was it was at a factory that was full of drug users,,we had no idea how bad. Long story short ,,we caught him smoking k2 in our house kicked him out. He moved to the town where the factory is,,,started hanging with some local losers,,,got a payday loan the day he got fired from the job!! 1 Week later he calls begging to come home we said no. Well he calls his grandmother who said he could come there,,oh by the way we have taken his vehicle before this, when he gets there she tells him he cant stay there,,grandma just wanted him close to home i guess,,his mom ends up letting him come home,,,not even one hour goes by,,a big blow up ,,we are dumb,,his mom is a bit**, he doesnt have any drug problems yadda yadda,,,he finally flips out runs in my room looking for a gun says he wants to kill himself,,doesnt find a gun,,runs to the kitchen grabs a knife holding it to his wrist saying he wants to die nobody cares for him!! We call the police they take him to the hospital in which they send him 3 hours away for a phsych evaluation...all night long he was getting texts asking if he got "the stuff"" the hospital would let him call he would ask us to come get him he didnt need to be there. I dont really know what to do i feel all alone in this like nobody has ever dealt with it...Just venting guys
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    in my opinion, his behavior becomes more outrageous when he wnats to bully people into letting him continue to use. Offer love, help and support for sobriety, but that does not mean you need to allow him to bully you or anyone else. Drug users want to relinquish their responsibility for all the mess they create, so don't allow that to happen to you. You're really not alone; you are here!
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    I know a few people hooked on K2, including my brother. It's terrible and dangerous, and way worse than pot. I hope it becomes illegal all over soon. :( sorry you're going through this.
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    Whatever, k2 became illegal on the federal level on March 1, 2011. That means it is illegal in all states.
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    Yes,it is supposed to be illegal here,,,little update,,his drug test at hospital tested positive for marijuana and amphetamine which they said they think was something called adderal?? Anyway they took him 3 hours away for a phsyc evaluation he has already called saying he doesnt need to be there,,bad thing is he is 20 and can check himself out whenever he wants!!
  18. Nancy

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    Adderall is a drug prescribed for ADHD/ADD but it is commonly crushed and snorted for a quick high. It can be very dangerous. Kids sell their adderall in middle and high schools.

    You may want to do a google search to get familiar with common drugs that are abused by young people so that you know what to look for. I know I learned more than I ever wanted to know about drugs but had to do it to keep one step ahead of my difficult child.

  19. whatever

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    Oh yeah, I think I heard that. I think someone also said the makers have been messing around with the recipe or something to get around the illegality of so its still available in some form, I could be wrong, and hope I'm wrong. Its just crazy that something so innocuous as "incense" could cause the trouble it has with so many people.
  20. Nancy

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    "the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has designated the five active chemicals most frequently found in Spice as Schedule I controlled substances, making it illegal to sell, buy, or possess them. Manufacturers of Spice products attempt to evade these legal restrictions by substituting different chemicals in their mixtures, while the DEA continues to monitor the situation and evaluate the need for updating the list of banned cannabinoids."