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    I know some of you order stuff from them. I found that site because of a post on here. I ordered some stuff for my neice for her birthday on November 17. I still don't have it. Unreal. I sent them an email last week asking why it hadn't been shipped and I got a pathetic response "We are a little backed up" Really???? Mmmmh....couldn't tell. So, I checked this morning and ONE of the four items I ordered was shipped. Yet, they charged my card for the whole thing. I sent them a nasty email this morning. It shouldn't take a month to get something that I ordered before Thanksgiving. I usually buy a thing or two from them for holiday gifts, but am not doing it now, because I may never get the darn thing in time. Pfft.

    Just thought I'd warn you.
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    I am sorry you are having this problem. I think they either grew too fast or they are having staffing problems or major management problems. I ordered something back in July and it hasn't come. We did move twice, but it did not arrive at either place. We checked to make sure the forwarding address was correct and in place, that it didn't arrive after we moved, and that there is no way to track the items.

    Like you, I won't be ordering from them this holiday season. I hope they get whatever is going on fixed soon.
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    That is a huge amount of time. I ordered my dutch oven from there back in October and it took about two weeks to show up which I thought was a bit longer than it should have but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because they did have to send it from the actual company (Lodge) instead of their warehouse. I have been extremely impressed with the times I have received packages from ebay and a company I have never even heard of before at this time of year. I ordered something off of ebay on the 3rd and got it on the 6th. I ordered something from a place called constructiongear.com and I got it in less than a week! All that was with free shipping too so I was figuring it would take longer. Oh and my dog food on Amazon which said it would take 2 days, took 1! Evidently the places who want our business online, really want to keep it.
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    I know exactly what you mean, Janet. I ordered a camera a few years ago. I ordered it hoping that I would have it by Christmas to take pictures, but thinking it would come after. I ordered it at 5 in the afternoon just a few days before Christmas. I got it the next day!
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    Speaking of bad experiences with ordering online...I meant to post this awhile back but then life got in the way. sears parts direct. NEVER and I mean NEVER order from them! Here is my story:

    I ordered over the phone after shopping online to verify what I needed with them. I needed a replacement door handle for a french style door refrigerator, a "cantileaver" shelf (it's just a deep set shelf), and a water filter. After 2 weeks I emailed and wait for response since that is how you have to contact them if there is a problem, and then I followed it with a phone call after finding a number I could call. Furthermore, the tracking slip told me it was "delivered" and it wasn't. It was "delivered" by UPS to "some" post office in my city ( which I couldn't understand why since they had my address). I tried calling every post office in my city and could not find it. It was MIA. It hadn't gotten returned to them either. After doing some checking on my end and then following it up on his end we found out that who ever actually packed it at the shipping place never put our "street address" on the package the first time and that's why it never got here.

    The gentleman says he will fix it right away and send out the parts over night. I did receive the shelf, only it was 2 of the same WRONG shelf and no door handle and no water filter! They were showing the door handle as delivered. Back to calling the guy again! He tells me I MUST return the 2 shelves before they will issue a credit on them and wanted to charge me AGAIN for all the parts I ordered before he was going to send out the missing parts! I said NO way! I decided this was getting out of hand. By now it was a month after I made the purchase.

    I found the corporate number so I called them and spoke to a special "case manager" and explained to her the whole mess. She assured me she would handle it and fix it all. Ok.....so I wait and wait. Low and behold I get the door handle delivered about 2 weeks later as well as the water filter. Still no shelf. I call her back. I told her that I had told the gentleman on the 3rd call to him that I had just wanted to cancel out the order but he wouldn't do it until I returned the 2 shelves, which I still had because I wasn't sure I could trust anything with this company at the moment in getting refunds or items. She assured me that she would handle it so she sent me a return, postage paid address label for the wrong shelves.

    I boxed them up and sent them back. She and I played phone tag for about a week confirming that she received them so I could get the refund on them. That finally ended up happening BUT......the refund on the door handle. OMW!By the way, she did manage to get the water filter to me. :) The refund on the door handle took a month and a half (!) additional to get as original department told her they issued a refund already, which they did NOT! I told her it was not refunded each day she called (via phone tag another 2 weeks and messages). When she finally caught up she said they would FINALLY issue a check to me and I'd get it in 2 weeks!...SO...my original order placed in September...messed up...and I received a water filter out of it that I paid for, then a door handle (well over a month and a half later). A refund 2 1/2 months later. One giant mess of it all and I'm sure I left out a lot of details too.
    Just DON'T EVER ORDER from them please!

    I did find another source after all this and lickety split got the right shelf in less then a week from the point of order to delivery! :) I will go through them for any and all other parts I need as they actually have so many other things that the "other" place did not have to offer.
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    I believe it. Thats why I tend to use Amazon for as much as I can. I also pay for every thing now with paypal if they have the option and more and more people have that option. If you use paypal, you do have some leverage you have an issue with faulty products. They will help you go to bat while getting your money back. I love paypal!