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    and the blasted teacher never showed up!!!! I was standing there with a bunch of youngins and trying not to cough my head off for 1/2 hour, waiting, finally I say, "so how long are we supposed to wait?" and the one kid is like "technically 15 minutes, but we thought you might be the teacher and that you were messing with our heads~!" (the class was Psychology) As if I did not have a complex already about being the oldest one there!

    So I suggest we all sign a piece of paper in my notebook and I will give it to the teacher next week to prove we were all there, well they thought I was freud :smug: for having such a great idea!!! But I am perturbed I got up at 7am on a Saturday morning for no reason!

    grrrr hissss
  2. Hound dog

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    I hate finding out the instructor isn't there until I'm already at school. When that happens here we always send someone down to the main offices to make sure instructor isn't there before leaving. Although ours is also technically 15mins late too. I had a algebra teacher that was 20 mins late to every single class and held us over at least 15 mins late to make up for it.
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    Sorry. You need to contact the department head on monday morning. there is a real problem if the teacher doesn't show up or post a notice in the classroom.

    I hopeyou feel better soon.
  4. Abbey

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    Oh, geez!! The instructor didn't show up? Yeah...gonna learn a lot from him/her.

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    How frustrating-especially when being up so early!
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    Yep, think I would be talking to the dean or registrar and asking for a refund for the missed class.....if you put it in terms they can understand----like $$$$$ they may put pressure on the instructor to be there or notify you when they will be unable to make it. In this time of email and immediate communication it becomes very difficult to understand why the absence was'nt posted.... Don't go another week without notifying someone in charge!
  7. Star*

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    ;) I think since it was a psychology class - he did it on purpose.

    He did it and stood back and watched what you were all going to do/say/reaction.

    He has already found out by not showing up which one of you is able to problem solve.......

    so Sigmund - what's yer next move ? I think you should all show up to the next class wearing something coordinating.......red perhaps....with hats.