1st day of the 1st grade OMG

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    :anxious: Well here we are. difficult child is out of the hospital and will be attending school as of morning. I am so scared and she is nervous too. Says the kids are gonna be mean to her and she doesn't want to go. I know that she has friends there that miss her she just doesn't understand why they think she is strange when she throws her temper tantrums. She will be meeting her teacher before class starts so hopefully that will help ease some of the fears. I have told her that her teacher the Vice Principal and others know about what happened and want to help and that she can go to them anytime she needs too. I hope they will.... Wish us luck I will let you know how it turns out.
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    Good luck!!

    I hope you get some 'ME' time in today to relax!
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    I hope the day went well! I was a nervous wreck on Bug's first day of first grade last month. Does your daughter have an IEP or a one-on-one aide? Having an aide has really helped my son. She has a good sense of when he needs a break, even if he doesn't, and can generally get him outside for some physical activity before a meltdown happens.

    Relax, eat chocolate, take a bath...
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    It was her official first day of the first grade. No IEP yet but does have a 504 in place. Best part is her teacher though in a mainstream class now was the school SLD teacher last year what a plus. The morning was rough but the teacher was very understanding and the kids in her class were very nice. As for her behavior check it out she had a really good day today. I am so glad things worked out. She was so nervous about going back to school that I was afraid she wouldn't last but she made it I am so happy. Of course getting her to do her homework is proving to be difficult but it is going to take a while I think to get her back into the grove of school time. This does give me great hopes though that she will actually make it through the first grade. Oh yeah the teacher has put her in the highest reading class she has. I am so proud. Well that is my wonderful update for now. Hope everyone is well.
    Angelia and Aryanna
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    So glad she had a good day. And, yay for the highest reading group!
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    Here's to a GREAT start of a school year! Good for difficult child and good for you!
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    Glad to hear she had a great day.