1st IEP as the Grandmother........

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    No, school staff did not flee the building. I swear they didn't.;)

    Probably because it's all new staff, at least for the grade school and the only woman who would've remembered me (and probably would've contemplated running) was busy in another IEP so couldn't attend. lol

    Alex's IEP meeting was this afternoon. Seems Oh won't accept an IEP from Mo. Interesting. Of course when they explained and showed us why it made perfect sense. In Mo Alex's is MRDD. In Oh that term "mentally retarded" is no longer used. They used cognitively delayed or disabled. I don't know why the huge deal over wording. "Retarded" only means slow. But I guess political correctness has even found it's way into this sort of area. Oh well, both mean the same thing. I supposed that's what really matters.

    Katie was prepared for a battle. Alex has had an IEP since kindergarden. I was prepared to back her up if needed since I've more experience/knowledge thanks to her brother. (not to mention I know 1st hand the stunts this SD likes to pull)

    Surprisingly, staff was very helpful, very open to ideas, actually listened to Katie and stunned as I am to say it.........actually had Alex's best interest at heart. They were also honest. Alex needs more one on one than they can provide due to staffing issues. BUT they did shift around schedules ect and got him as much one on one time humanly possible......which is just a few hrs less per week than Mo was doing. They placed him with one of their best IEP teachers, and this grandmotherly woman has plenty of experience and patience. He will spend more time inter graded in the "normal" 3rd grade class (IEP teachers class) than before but she has been having success with other students helping Alex when she can't give him one on one and it's been working pretty well. He will have speech. He will have an Occupational Therapist (OT). His assignments ect are based on the level of work he is able to do. (think end of kindergarden/beginning 1st grade)

    And they're thrilled Katie is going for a neuropsychologist evaluation asap. Wow.........total opposite when I told them I was with Travis. lol And told her to ask the doctor to send results asap so they can see if any changes to his IEP will be necessary. (omg really??)

    I was impressed. Staff couldn't say enough good things about Alex, they just love him. And well yes he's is a super sweet kid. :D

    Only thing that has Katie nervous is they want to encourage him to be more independent. He's super dependent on Kayla, which the school has already picked up on. And tends to latch on to other kids or the teacher in her absence. I think it's a good idea myself. They're not talking about cutting him loose.........just easing him into seeing that he can do things on his own and letting him feel the accomplishment for that. Katie tends to be a bit over protective and has taught Kayla to be the same way.

    I swear that was the first good IEP meeting I've ever really attended.:D Makes me wonder if the state finally got on their behinds about the way they were treating IEP students.........or if all the garbage doesn't start until highschool. But I know the state has had their noses deep into our SD for the past several years when they threatened to close it for misappropriation of funds.

    Alex adores his teacher and he loves the school. And it looks like he will get the extra help he needs. Win/win for Alex. Yay!

    I think it's much cooler going to an IEP as a grandma. lmao
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    Way To Go Nana! Glad the district seems sincere about helping Alex.
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    Sounds very positive! Hope this turns out to be a great school for Alex.
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    I might have to move. My sd is right in the middle of the good-bad scale. Glad things turned out well. Maybe it was the "changing of the guards" so to speak. I would love to get rid of our middle school principal. He's the one that has ISSUES. Then, maybe our IEP meetings would go as well as yours. Good job Katie and Nana. Yeah Alex!
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    Excellent! I'm so happy it went well for everyone, especially Alex!! It sounds like he's in a solid setting.
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    LOL - not the state, but definitely seems to be your SD!

    This is wonderful news. Way To Go !!!