1st Report Card in Mainstream School

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Dec 13, 2012.

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    A lot of you probably don't know me as I do not post a lot, but I came here when my difficult child was very young as he presented with problems around the age of 2. I read a lot but don't always post as things are status quo usually with all of 3 us (mom, dad & difficult child). He went to mainstream K and started first grade mainstream, but we had to move him to an alternative school until the end of 4th grade. He just came back to mainstream 5th grade this year. It's been pretty good, a couple of blips, but nothing major. He got his first REAL report card today. Due to the "schooling" he had in the alternative school (more behavior focused), I'd say he did pretty well. A's, B's and C's. Although I am not happy about the C's...but they were related to English. I understand how/why he struggles there. Math and science he loves so those were B's, but what kills me is that Spanish is taught from K on. He hasn't had it in 5 years (with-the other school) and he pulls an A in the class. Very proud. Just needed a little brag for the guy.
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    Great job, difficult child!!!!
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    I agree- great job difficult child!
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    Excellent job difficult child!!
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    YIPPEEEEEEE!! Time to celebrate. Those are EXCELLENT grades for a kid just starting mainstream. That is awesome!! Way to go difficult child and yes mom, you should be bragging!!
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    Congrats. It feels so good doesn't it? It's so wonderful to see our kids live up to what we know they can do.
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    That is just amazing news. Give him a secret hug from his board auntie......
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    Outstanding, jal. I remember you but I can't believe that you difficult child is TEN. Really? Already? Wow! DDD