2 1/2 weeks in, things got to her...

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AnnieO, Sep 5, 2013.

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    ...And Belle called last night. Repeatedly. The first 2x, I was bathing Rose, so I didn't answer - it was an 866 number anyway, and I usually don't answer those due to them being sales pitches. Apparently she also called husband repeatedly - but his cell phone was completely dead and was downstairs off and charging, so we couldn't have heard it. The last 3x she called, I was trying to nurse Rose to sleep and had turned the phone to silent.

    How do we know it was her? Well, husband looked up the number. But, it's a no call back. So today he put money on her account - $20 + their online fee. And she got hold of him today. No change in attitude. Told him what visiting hours were and he'd better bring Pat to see her. Nasty tone according to him. This is supposed to make him want to do something for her? (As it turns out it is $1 per minute - that's garbage. He's not putting any more on her account. With that attitude? She can write.)

    There's a couple teensy little problems with her demand though. They do not allow underage visitors in her facility. He's underage. And... He doesn't want to anyway. Of course, this will be construed as we are refusing to bring him. Ah well.

    I'm going to write her and nicely explain this... I'm sure I'll be complained about, but it's not like the people there are my associates, Know what I mean??

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    And, really, the demand to see Pat is a little creepy - isn't it? It's not like he's her son!

    Me? I'd think I'd be "busy" for some of those first visiting hours. I don't think my schedule would free-up until the attitude improved...but that's just me.
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    But that is kind of a good news. It is getting to her. Hopefully next it will get to her so much that she finds a mirror and takes some long looks. She is a smart girl. And has a lot of decency on her underneath it all. Having time to look to that mirror can work wonders for her.
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    Wow, Step, it is amazing that she can still think her demands are going to get her anywhere in her situation. I agree that you shouldn't do another thing for her until that attitude changes. We know that she is not stupid so this is sheer hardheadedness.


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    I told Pat about her call, that she wanted to see him (left out the rest) and he said NO WAY was he visiting her. I then asked him to write her a letter and explain why, and he said, "I'll just tell her I am not visiting because she scares me." After a few minutes, he then looked at me and said, "She'll just say you made me write that."

    He's got her number, for sure!

    Till the demands turn into asking, she is getting nothing. husband is hurt... He and I were both hoping, but of course he was hoping harder.