2 Ribbons at the County Fair!!!!


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Yep. I got 2 ribbons at the County Fair for my cross stitching. I got a 5th place for my Gaelic Lord's Prayer (my own design as well as my own stitching!!!). In a different category I got 4th place for a little pattern of a fat black dog and a Christmas Tree (pattern by Mosey N Me - aka Frank from Trading Spaces and his wife).

I am excited and proud! Having seen some of the other entries when I took mine in I did not expect to get any ribbons. My entries were good, but the ones who got higher places were either splashier or in one case, incredibly detailed.

I am happy with what I got. And the local Celtic Society wants me to print out my Gaelic Lord's Prayer for their upcoming festival!!!!



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I have to confess: I have a needlepoint that I have been on and off working on for...15 years!

Its a printed background of an indian princess with mountains in the background and a horse and a sunsetting color sky.

It doesn't tell you whether you're supposed to needlepoint ALL of it or just the characters in it and leave the background muted and just a print or what!!!!

Any hints from a professional?


PS: If I wanted to try and needlepoint shamrocks on the corners of a tablecloth, and possibly the borders, how thick should the thread be?



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Wow how cool is that!

I love county fairs and the way they do all that stuff. When Jamie and Cory were little, they got ribbons for showing goats...lol.
Susie, that is just fantastic.

I was a cross stitch and needlepoint buff for a long time. My fingers just don't go the way I want them to anymore. I do love looking at them though. Good for you! Congratulations!!


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Could WE see the Gaelic Lords prayer? My son and I do Celtic knot artwork.