2 steps forward, 3 steps back...

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    I had so much hope after a wonderful therpay session with our difficult child on Wed. He had earned 2 wks in the 2nd level of the program he is in through the jjc and was 3 wks from a home visit. They are able to call each Thrusday night to tell their parents if they earned their week. I new something was up when I rec'd no call.

    Found out from his casemanager my difficult child got into a fight with another boy and both are in re-entry. It was pretty bad. His therapist thought this incident might change our difficult child's mind about going back on his medications and went to talk with him about it, no luck, he still refuses. Depending how he does the next few weeks, while in what they call review, he may be back at square one.

    Within six hours of a caring, affectionate, insiteful session, showing he is taking responsibilities for his actions, giving him positive support for his good grades etc. to impulsive actions that gets difficult child in serious trouble later that evening. BiPolar (BP) is SOOOO hard to deal with. They live so in the moment. He is definetly rapid cycling and doesn't realize it. At this rate he'll be lucky to be out by the summer, don't see him returning to school this year, as he hoped.

    We'll I got my new job to look forward to (posted in watercooler) so I'm not going to let this take away from my blessing. Thanks again for listening. :angel2:
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    Sorry you are going through this.

    At least you know he is in a safe place while you're working and not out wandering.