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    First, his counselor thinks this will be a good move for difficult child. Change of scene as well as he explained alot of defiant kids will do better with a father then a mother for whatever reason. He made me feel alot better with the decision.

    And second, today was snow day, and difficult child was playing outside already, when the other 2 wanted to go out, so I was getting them dressed. I look in difficult child's book bag for extra gloves and what do I find???

    2 PLAYBOY magazines! WHAT? We just had a discussion about this the other day, I don't know where he found them (he says a kid from school) but he knows it's school suspension if he took them, luckily there was no school today. So I ask him why he broke the rules, he said "because I'm special"
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    It must feel good to have your decision validated. Not that it needed to be - deep down you've known this is the right move. Your heart was just light years behind your brain.

    Happens to all the parents here.

    by the way, I'm cracking up at that "I'm special" comment. I've heard that out of each my little wonders. Never worked for them - still had to suffer the consequence, special or not! :rolleyes: :rofl:
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    Yeah didn't work for him either. Hell I'm special too.