20 days still school starts...

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    The last few weeks of summer are hard. All the organized activities I signed them up for the summer are over. My two girls are tired of spending all their time together. It has been a heat wave here for the last month and no relief in site this week either. It is to be triple digit weather all week... and 112 today. So they are pretty much trapped inside. Sometimes I take them to the public pool - but it is really too hot for that and don't want them to get sunburned. Sometimes they go from 4 to 6pm.

    Even my car A/C can't handle this heat. It won't cool down fast enough! Any ideas for keeping kids entertained at home? They are getting on each others nerves so easily!! KSM
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    I'm in the same boat and have run out of ideas. I can always tell when it's "time" for school to start. Mine can't be in the same room as each other.
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    I hear you about the kids driving each other nuts and about the heat!! We try to attend as many church functions as possible for something different to do. Try a chart like the christmas countdown chart..give something to look forward to every night.
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    The best reprieve for my kids is going to play at a friend's. Fortunately they've got two within walking distance (3 actually, but two are sisters). The friends also occasionally come here. I try to limit that because that gets REALLY rough on son - 2 gremlins becomes 4 gremlins.

    by the way we've only got 9 days left until school! :abouttime:
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    Give them permission to do something they probably haven't done since they were little: Build a fort out of sheets/blankets/pillows anywhere in the house they like (diningroom table, use couch cushions, hallway, wherever; then pop some popcorn, makes some juice and read a story to them :)
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    Thanks for the commiserating and ideas. Will head to the mall pretty soon and let difficult child look for some school clothes. Probably won't purchase any as anything she likes won't even fit school dress codes. She is upset that younger sister got 4 pair of school uniform pants from Lands End (found on sale at $7.99!) Wish they were both in school uniforms, but the magnet school just goes to 6th grade. Well, the uniform pants are too large - but I can return them to Sears and not pay shipping. Probably won't try again - younger DGD is just a little large for the regular girl sizes and the plus size I ordered is a little too big.

    It was 100 degrees at 9:45am. I got my grocery shopping done at 10:30 and cooked up 10# of ground beef. Now have zip lock bags put away in the freezer for things like tacos. Also made and froze hamburger patties for quick suppers on the grill. I did the paperwork and it looks like this year we won't qualify for reduced lunches and orchestra instrument rental. So will have to hunt for a violin or find one to rent. Bummer. KSM
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    We have 22 more days until Miss KT leaves for school...
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    back from the mall - and difficult child gravtiated towards all the tops that were not appropriate. Like strapless stuff. Even though the school has a rule that even tank tops needs to be 3 finger widths wide. Of course, she found a little open crocheted shrug (I think that is what you call it) to wear over it. I wonder how long even that would stay on? So, after much debate... scowls, "whatevers" "OMG I will never have any cute clothes!" We did find 4 tshirts and a pair of skinny jeans, and a pair of skin tight capris.

    Then came home and had a melt down when she and her sister was supposed to pick up their room. They were in the room for 2 minutes, then came down to watch tv. When I asked if they thought if there room was pretty good... she lost it and was sarcastically giving me lip, like: "well, it probablty isn't up to YOUR standards" When I asked if the clean clothes were put away, she stomped back to their bedroom. We really should give up the guest bedroom... and let the two girls have separate rooms. But, we have the two main bedrooms upstairs, and a smaller bedroom downstairs by itself. I don't trust her to sleep downstairs by herself. She would be up and around all night and getting on the computer and facebook. And maybe sneaking out. That means we would have to put the 11 year old downstairs by herself... and that would really upset difficult child since she is older. And if we take the downstairs bedroom - we would be crowded in to the smallest room in the house with a tiny closet for two adults. At least they would have a twin bed, but we have a queen. It is half the size of the bedroom husband and I have now. I feel like we get punished because difficult child can't get along with her sister - and can't be trusted downstairs all night. The girls have a big bedroom upstairs and a walk in closet for all their stuff. Plus we are nearby and can hear them... and it is nice to have a guest room... but it is so frustrating to have to deal with all this. KSM
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    Just replying on the bedroom issue:
    If you have the possibility, I would let them have seperate rooms. My boys used to be in the same room but hings got so bad (and unfair to my easy child), we did seperate them. Because we are remodeling the house, they are temporarly back together and believe me: that is added stress we don't need! I can't wait until both their rooms are ready. As far as the computer issue (being on it all night if no supervision...), would that be possible to create a work space outside of the bedroom?
    We are lucky to have a fairly big house, and we actually chose to create a "work room". We have my home office their as well as a desk for each of the kids. In the future, when the kids are old enough, I envision adding a computer for the kids use (NO WAY they will go on my business computer! lol).
    If it was possible at all for you, it would give your girls privacy but not total freedom since it is a shared space.
    Just an idea, take it for what it's worth.
    Good luck!
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    not something i do at my house but i know alot of others that hand out video games to keep the kids out of thier hair. i know the few hands my kids have had the chance to use other peoples video games they loved them and wanted to stay on them all day. maybe go out into the woods and explore, do a picnic? once you get into the trees it's alot cooler than in the city. we have a lake right outside our door(well, across the street) and that keeps my little guys busy most of the time, and my 12yo and her friends like hunting frogs/lizards/fish there too. maybe get them to try some new kinds of activities, like painting or quilting or guitar. something creative and expressive.
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    :) I've been considering rearranging my home to give my girls separate rooms as well. It can be done, just not very practical for my situation right now. I am hoping to add a room on, but the original thought was to make more room for my inventory. I'm rethinking that now.
  12. Wiped Out

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    I can so relate to this. We try to keep difficult child and easy child/difficult child as separated as possible. Luckily this week and next difficult child is at day camp!! Of course, after that the camps are done and we have 2 weeks before school ill stop after that.
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    LOL! I did the same thing... kind of like a graph and spread everybodies activities out and I tried not to overlap at all. So if one was at church camp - one was at home alone. But August... that is one tough month! Luckily, to day she is baby sitting for 6 hours. So only two children at home until 11:30. Maybe difficult child will sleep til 10am. KSM
  14. ksm

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    The computer is in the family room, I would have to probably remove it each night if difficult child slept downstairs. I am also worried about her going outside after all of us go to sleep... KSM