20th High School Reunion


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It sounded like a good idea months ago. Tonight is my 20th high school reunion get-to-gether and dinner. We RSVPd a while back and then I thought it would be fun, but now . . . I'm not so sure.

Funny thing is, I've turned into a major homebody. husband is somewhat antisocial (it's a bit of a joke with us and our neighbors) although over the years he has met a lot of my classmates that stayed in the area, so at least he will also konw some people. I guess I'd really rather stay home, rent a movie, etc. Isn't that awful?

I got a new outfit - a skirt and sweater set (5 sizes smaller than I used to need, by the way) and my mother is planning to stay with the munchkins, so it's really all set. It's funny because I assumed all the girls would be wearing skirts or dresses, but one of my classmates called and said she and her so were wearing jeans. - I told husband we might be overdressed. lol

I think maybe I would feel differently about it if I lived away. I stayed in my hometown. I am here everyday and see many of my classmates on a daily, if not weekly, basis. I stay in contact with those that I really want to, you know?

I guess it will be good to get out for a bit - and maybe there will be a surprise attendee that will make me say that I'm glad I went. I hope that's the case.

We will be on a bit of a 'Cinderella' schedule, though, because my mother works at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and is usually in bed by 10 when she works the early shift. She said she would crash on our couch until we got home and then drive home to sleep, but I know I will be watching the clock so that we don't stay too late.

I guess I'm just a mixed ball of whatever - I want to get out with husband and I want to have a good time - I guess I'm just not very optimistic that's what I'll get. I'm not nervous - there is no lost love I think I'm going to run into, etc. I don't really know why I feel this way about it???

Am I totally weird???


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Reunions are funny. People think "oh, I see everyone I want to see".......and then they go and see tons of people they forgot all about!!!!


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My Ex and I attended the same high school and we had an awesome
time at the first reunion, the 10th. It could not have been more fun. My husband and I attended the 20th together and although I
saw some old friends and enjoyed visiting with them, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I think it was because I was concerned
that my husband didn't know people.

The last two I have skipped and paid for the video. Eh Gods,
I truthfully don't recognize most of the people and I was very
involved and sociable. Now the pressure is on for the next one.
I can't decide.

If you have a ball.....maybe that will be a good influence on me!
Fingers crossed that it is a wonderful evening. DDD

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I've never went to a reunion either. No one has arranged for one for our graduating class.

There are maybe a handful of people I wouldn't mind seeing how life turned out for them. I haven't lived in my hometown or even the same state since I married husband, more than 20 yrs. Not that I'd be all that excited to actually go to a reunion. lol


I hope you and husband have a wonderful night out without the kids.



Be sure to fill us in on how it went.

I was never invited to my High School Reunion. I was a quiet, shy kid who didn't talk to anyone. I had two friends from grade school (catholic grade school). One dropped out.

Did get invited to my 25 year Grade school reunion (8th grade)
Went to that..At that time i was walking 5 - 10 miles a day, working out atleast once a day, sometimes I would go twice. Had my job of 18 years..I felt really confident. There too, I didn't really talk to anyone. had only one close friend 2 - 8 grade. She didn't go because of medical reasons. I do not live in town. I was totally amazed. I haven't seen most of these kids since 8th grade. Bald, over-weight! A few had way too much to drink and were dancing alone with their drink. Not to many even acknowledged I was there.

I was tall and thin, people use to tease me. So, I never spoke to anyone.


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Well, we went. And, I guess I'm glad that we did. I did get to reconnect with one of my best friends from school - this girl looks amazing!! She looks exactly the same as she did 20 years ago!! Still just as sweet, too. (Her daughter, who is 5, told her she looked like a Bratz doll when she was dressed up ready to go!)

I also saw friends who live in FL and CA, too. It was fun. Some people have changed dramatically and some not so much. My friend said if you really look at people, we all 'still have the same eyes'. lol. Pretty funny quote, I thought.

There were some no-shows that surprised me, though. There are plans for a 25th already in the works. I think that I will try to become involved in the planning of it - the guy who put this one together is a really nice guy and he did it all by himself - with a shoestring budget. Some of our more affluent classmates gave donations to the cause - we have more than $1,400.00 in the account now - toward the 25th.

It is strange to be together again - we're all getting older, but I don't feel it most of the time.

We had a sort of Cinderella time frame, because my mother who sat with the kids had to work this morning, so we were home by midnight - but that was definitely late enough. We were really ready to go by 11:00, but one of my great old friends was driving from CT and arrived very late. I stayed to wait for him - and when he got there he was a jerk. Needless to say, I wish I hadn't bothered waiting for him.

husband even had a good time, amazingly!

My head hurts a bit this morning and I see a nap in my future!!

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I'm glad it went so well for you! How nice to reconnect with old friends - I hope you're able to keep in touch from now on.

As for me, I've never attended a reunion yet and it's been 25 years, there have been 3 so far. I have no desire whatsoever to see any of the people I went to HS with. As a fly on the wall, maybe! LOL. Ugh - HS was pure torture for me.


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Jamie, I'm glad you went. It's so interesting to see folks from our past. I'm always disappointed when the classmates who live nearby don't come because I've always had to travel some distance to go back and I wonder why they aren't willing to, too?

I went to my 10th, 30th, and 40th. I'm on the reunion committee now and we are going to put on a "60th Birthday Party" next summer. There are a few who feel like Jo who hated high school and don't want to be contacted but for the most part it seems that my classmates are more willing to go to a *birthday party* than a reunion because we already have potentially 5 times the number of people interested in the party than who showed up for the 40th! I guess old-age-misery loves company.

I figure if I reconnect with one old classmate it's worth it.



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I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. I always drag my feet to go to those things and when I have an opportunity to go, enjoy myself.
I'm far removed from the area and it isn't alway convenient but if I can work it in, I try to attend. Everyone is older so I don't mind that I don't look like I did at 17. My best friend from high school won't go because she isn't a size 4 like high school. I find that such a silly reason to deny yourself a good time.
Getting involved probably is the best way to feel like part of the group. Good for you for participating instead of growling about what happened 20yrs ago.
Your husband is a good sport too!


Sounds like fun. Glad you had such a good time. I would like to be invited to a HS reunion. Maybe even go just to see what they all look like. I was a quiet kid who never said a word to anyone. Just did my work and didn't say anything. Lot's of stuck up snobs though. That's what I would be interested in seeing. What they are like now.

Did you get information from each? Maybe a little booklet with their names, addresses, email, kids occupation?
Would be interesting to see who turned out to do what.

Glad you had fun.


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Glad you had a nice time. I was hoping so.

I grew up in a "big city" and have lived in a "little town" for
almost thirty years. Both high schools have web sites that include access to alumni information and reunions planned. It
might be interesting for those of you who aren't connected to
try to google.com your old high school or the school board site
for your former area. You might find something interesting.

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I'm glad you had a good time! It gives me hope for next weekend. I'm going to my 25th year reunion. I haven't gone to any since my 10th but had promised a friend a year ago I would go but now am not sure-I came from a big class and was rather shy at the time but we'll see hopefully it will turn out fun!


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I have giggled all day at a few of the events of last night. Eeek!

I have to say - most people were very nice - but you know, some people were the same as they were years ago - clique, clique, clique. Oh well. Too bad for them!

Yes, thanks everyone. I did drag my feet - but ended up having a good time. I can appreciate it even more now after my 2 hour nap this afternoon!


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I'm so glad you went and enjoyed yourself. My 30th reunion is this week - we're not going. I moved away one year after graduation (joined the military) and haven't looked back! Went to a private (snooty) school and I was one of the few that worked during HS. Oh well - don't think I will miss much. Have only been to one reunion so far.