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  1. witzend

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    husband has put on 22 pounds since last spring. He's snoring again, which actually is a surprise as he had his uvula and soft palate removed last winter. :surprise: He eats everything! Last night we ordered a pizza from Papa Murphys as we were supposed to be working on a project and I couldn't get to dinner. He at half of it! Then he didn't do the project. What grown person with a slow metabolism thinks it's ok to eat half a pizza? And his bad cholesterol was up over 350 again! It's been high for years and the doctor never does anything about it, but then again, neither does he!

    I don't see a problem with having something less than healthy once in a while, but I know for a fact he's eating junk at work. And how do you not notice adding 22 pounds?
  2. Abbey

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    My H is a HUGE late night snacker. He has gone from 165 to 198 in the past few months. He knows it but still continues to snack. When I eat, I eat big, but I do not typically snack. mother in law brought over some yummy chicken noodle soup that should have carried me through the next 3 days. Nope. Ate it all in one setting.:sad-very: But, I'm not snacking on the side or even had breakfast.

    As far as the doctor and his lack of effort, I can see where a doctor kind of gives up if they perceive their client isn't going to change. You can prescribe all the medications, have all the lectures, etc., but when you know they are stubborn and not going to do anything about their situation you get the Charlie Brown WAAA, WAAA, WAAA thing going on.

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    If I make a big batch of spaghetti and the two of us eat half of it for dinner, I used to plan to have it for dinner again in a night or two. Usually I make enough so that there is a quart or so leftover. He takes it to work and eats it for lunch. And you can forget about him taking any kind of fruit or veggie with him!
  4. Hound dog

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    Witz my husband has gain at least 100 lbs in the past year.

    He should be wearing xxxL clothes but I refuse to buy them. Since he won't shop for himself... he's squeezing into the xxL's he has. I'm hoping if he gets uncomfortable enough he'll do something about it.

    husband used to eat 4-6 sandwiches at a shot. He went from snacking on a slice of cheese to snacking on mostly the whole pack of 24. If I cook dinner, he'll eat enough for 3 if I let him. He's addicted to pop. Gets no excercise at all. None. His b/p is really high, cholesterol thru the roof, and is overdue for a heart attack by 10 yrs. (fam history)

    I used to say it was none of my business what husband weighed. Mostly because if he wanted to do something about it he would. I didn't feel I could/should force him.

    Now that money is tight though, that's not the case. If I make a meal he's got to stick to a 1 person portion. He's set at a 2 sandwich limit. I'm driving him nuts with the cheese addiction as I'm slipping it to Betsy and Molly faster than he can eat it, and he's only allowed so much per payday.

    And he's still gaining. But then, I can't control what he's eating at work.

    husband is in total denial he is so huge, or that it's a major problem. I'm just waiting for the heart attack I know is coming. sigh

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    I am sorry you are so worried about him. It is really hard when a family member is doing something you and they KNOW is not healthy. Many people make remarks like this about people who smoke - how can they do somehting they KNOW is causing life-threatening health problems? Truth is, eating can be an addictive behavior. Esp in our supersize society and when so many people eat because they are refusing to deal with emotions.

    I hope your dhs become healthy and that the don't have cardiac or other health problems related to their size. It really is hard to lose weight. I went for many years being very overweight, couldn't ever lose the pregnancy weight. Thyroid LOOKED ok on labs, but finally someone did another different thyroid test (TSH test?)) to see if my immune system was fighting the thyroid.

    Lo and behold, even with "normal" thyroid level the levels of the other thing were stratospherically off the charts. So I went on thyroid medications and with-o changing ANYTHING have lost over 50 (yes FIFTY) pounds!!!
  6. KTMom91

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    A friend of mine told me that her overeating and excessive weight gain were control issues for her. Her former H was very controlling of everything she did, said, or wore, and the eating was the only thing she felt she could control. Even after their divorce the pattern stuck, and when I knew her, she was over 300 pounds. Do you think it could be a control thing for your hubbies? I don't know, just tossing it out there. She eventually had gastric bypass, but once her son started driving, and took the only car, she started eating again, even though it made her physically sick, because her son had the car and she couldn't leave if she wanted to, even though she didn't want to. Does that make sense?
  7. ML

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    I have similar worries with difficult child but I'm the parent and am supposed to have control. All you can do is let him know you love him and that you are concerned about his health. Big hugs (((Witz)))
  8. Star*

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    Maybe a membership to Ballys for Christmas? I would LOVE to get THAT in my stocking - actually? I'd like to GET IN my stockings - but not gonna happen. And we have no Ballys close. I figured working 15 hours a day and only eating 2 meals would cause the weight to fall off - and nope - MY brilliant doctor suggests the lap band. Nice thin man - nice.

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    I love Star's idea of a health club certificate. Would he go? Is he concerned with his weight?
  10. witzend

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    He has no willpower to go to a gym. I buy him memberships from time to time, he'll go three or four times, and then he is done with it. It becomes a bone of contention. I'Tourette's Syndrome up to him, really. I can't control his eating any more than I could control his breathing. Remodeling the kitchen has definitely made things worse, because I usually cook a healthier more balanced meal than what we bring in from a restaurant or Papa Murphy's. Hopefully in the next week or so, we'll get it all finished and then we can start eating better.
  11. hearts and roses

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    The only thing you can really do at this point is just make certain that there is no junk at home...make only what you need per dinner and accept that you have no control over what he does outside the home. Only buy fresh fruits and veggie, only cook enough for two perfectly square meals with no leftovers, only serve whole grain breads with dinners and add more veggies to the dinner menu - instead of making the meat the main part of the meal, treat it as a side. Then he will be filling up on brown rice, whole grain pastas or fresh veggies in a salad or steamed veggies and less meats and white foods.

    Try not to buy any substitute foods, such as low fat or low sugar snacks. It's better to have fresh fruits or jello or dried fruits or yogurt ice cream or ice pops or sorbet.

    My H is a muncher and has lost 10 lbs since we changes what we buy. It's been a bit of challenge with easy child living home again, as she is a junk food addict...but so far okay. H just about pees his pants when easy child makes another cake. I just about die inside because I have zero will power.

    I hope you find a way that works for you and H.