24 hr Swine Flu?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DaisyFace, Oct 1, 2009.

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    So I just got a call from psychiatrist--she needs to reschedule tomorrow's appointment because she has swine flu....

    BUT she only needed to push the appointment from Friday (tomorrow) to Monday because she won't be contagious then. I asked for more of a delay--all things considered--but she assured me that she is only contagious thru today.

    Does that sound right to anyone? I'm beginning to think this psychiatrist is a bit flaky...

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  3. DaisyFace

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    Thanks for the link! Yes, I thought it heard that it was contagious for longer, too--but now I'm not sure what to believe!

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    Um...I'll step in here a bit. I'm a nurse and the "contagious" question is one I answered for years while "on call" for the docs after hours. Particularly flu season.

    Swine flu (and any flu or contagious VIRAL illness) is contagious as long as there are symptoms or fever.

    Any BACTERIAL illness is contagious until 24 hours after antibiotics have started and fever (if any) is gone 24 hours.

    Frankly, the Swine Flu is no different than any other flu, we just don't have a vaccine for it. We don't have a vaccine for ANY flu until the year after it starts most of the time, so I think we're doing pretty good right now with the vaccines already on the market :)

    Maybe doctor has been sick for a week and tomorrow's the cutoff! :)
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    Recent studies seem to indicate that those who get H1N1 may continue to shed virus for as long as a week after cessation of symptoms.

    In addition, at least one study seems to indicate that H1N1 is shed in the feces as well.
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    Thanks for the info!

    I certainly don't want to take any un-necessary risks and knowingly expose my family to someone with Swine Flu...

    At the same time--I couldn't help but wonder if the doctor just wanted Friday off...and a statement like "I'm not feeling well--I'm pretty sure that I have contracted Swine Flu" is a good way to clear patients from the schedule.

    So it sounds like either way--real Swine Flu or just the "convenient" kind--we should be safe to be in an enclosed room with her by Monday.