3 minutes before the @(($ hits the fan

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    I emailed difficult child's English teacher to ask when she wanted to meet to discuss his grades. She said she's floating his grade until he takes a makeup test from a month ago, which is replacing a paper that he never wrote or turned in. In email, she suggested that he take the test today.
    He texted me and said he signed an agreement to take the test tomorrow. (Wed.) WTH?
    I left a msg for the teacher at the school, saying that difficult child takes the test TODAY.
    Then I texted difficult child and said I will return his iPad as soon as the test is graded.
    Not when it's taken ... when it's GRADED.
    I've had it with-his cr*p.
    He's doing the same thing in science.
    And today, after I had congratulated him TWICE on eating at the kitchen table instead of hoarding food in his room, I found 3 dinner plates, 2 salad plates, two forks, 2 spoons and a mostly finished TV dinner with-gravy stuck to it. (Never mind that the gravy isn't gluten free. husband bought it.)
    There was a kitchen towel shoved in a salad bowl, and it was crusted to it like glue.

    Luckily, difficult child's medications seem to be working. He only gets mild heart palpitations once or twice a day, and hasn't gone to the nurse's ofc or texted me about it. And he is much more conversational.

    The bus is here. :mornincoffee:
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    Oh, joy...sounds like fun, fun, fun. Good luck with all that.

    And I can relate to the food thrown all over the room. Although Jumper has a basically easy child personality, she is a SLOB!!! Food all over her room. Clothes everywhere. Cat poop for when she doesn't change the litter. The only thing I do to help her is take care of the poor cat. He's not her cat and is only there because he doesn't like the dogs. Other than that, she made this mess...she lives in it and I shut the door.

    I hope your son isn't too obnoxious about losing his i-pad!!!! In your corner :)
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    Why does this sound so familiar?!
  4. Bunny

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    Ugh! I hope he does well on the make up test.
  5. buddy

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    Waiting for news......( playing scary background piano music)
  6. Hope it went ok when he got off the bus. Sounds like you are really taking control of the situation and trying to work with the teachers to get difficult child to do his work and get through school.
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    Hope it went well - thinking of you!
  8. Tiapet

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    I'm right there with you....in a way....
  9. HaoZi

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    How'd it go?
  10. TerryJ2

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    lol about the scary piano music -dddaada-dede-de-de ...

    He was fine.
    Yep, fine.
    He zoomed out of science and went to English before school ended, zoomed through the test, and called me from the bus and said I didn't have to pick him up. Hmm. He said the test was easy.
    Well ... I checked online, and if it's the right test, he got a C.
    I guess he thinks that's good ... I'd prefer an A or B but at least it's done. And graded.
    Which means I have to give him back his iPad. ;(

    I think that having his girlfriend with-him helps to calm him down. And I think the depakote is working.

    Always waiting for the other shoe to drop ...
    Thank you all!
  11. Bunny

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    Glad to hear that he took the test and passed it.
  12. wow Terry - That's great. I'm glad everything worked out fine and difficult child was ok.

    I sure know what you mean about waiting for the other shoe to drop. :) But it didn't drop today so that's a good thing.
  13. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    :hammer:So, TODAY it hit the fan.
    Because he was supposed to participate in a group effort in English, where they choose a scene from Romeo and Juliet, act it out, then explain the verbiage to the class. All the "wherefors" and "arts." He had no idea what was going on and did not participate. And the sub teacher said he did not have the written part, either.
    He just yelled his head off at me because I lied when I said I'd give him back his iPad. True. I said, "I'll give it back to you, and then take it back in 1 second flat until you finish THIS assignment. Because I can understand where that looks like I was lying."
    "YOU AREN't listening to a word I SAID!"
    Yes, his grades now average a D instead of an F.
    I think that's what he is trying to say.:yapyapyapf:
    Meanwhile, both the sub and the daily teacher say that difficult child needs to complete an assignment in his book, which is worth $72.95. (The book is worth that much, not the assignment, lol.)
    Where is that?
    "Probably in my locker."
    "Do you want me to go to school and help you find it in your locker?"
    "Do you want your iPad back for a second so you can say that I didn't really lie and then I will take it away again?"
  14. Bunny

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    You knew the other shoe was goi g to drop, and drop it did.

    Can I ask a question? Why is the sub teacher giving assignments and saying that difficult child needs to turn in an assignment? I hope that he does it, and that he really has the book in his locker.
  15. TerryJ2

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    Me too! She is a student teacher who needs 8 wks. She's got two wks left.
    The PO started in about student teachers but said she's supposed to keep her mouth shut ... :)
    We both told difficult child that he's got to meet us half way, no matter how bad the student teacher is.
  16. buddy

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    Oh man! I like the one second return. Good one.