3 year old grandson out of control

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    My grandson is 3. He can be aying with any of us and just hit us or throw a toy for no reason. He could just walk by u and hit u without even realizing it. Lately he has taken to trying to pee on u. He can never stay still even in his sleep he is moving screaming and talking. I have had him on and of from birth to one when I got him for good. His father was abusive to his mother while she was preg with him and after untill they got in trouble when he was a year old . His father went to prision and mother ob probatin she left when he was one year and one month. He has had no contact with them since. But as he gets older his impulsive axts of violance and bad behavior has incressed bad. His dad and oldest brother has cerebrial disrythmia. Though he has never been around to learn their actions. I dont know what to do
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    Hi there and welcome to the board. You sound like an amazing, kindhearted grandma.

    Because your grandson had chaotic early years, going back and forth from one caregiver to another, it is possible that he may have attachment problems, which cause very angry behavior. And he may have something else going on, but it sounds like he lived through a lot. I recommend reading up on how to parent a hurt child with attachment disorder. I know somebody whose daughter lived through chaos during her granddaughter's first two years and when Grandma first got custody, the child wouldn't look at her, wouldn't mind her, hit her, hit everyone and was impossible to manage. She read up on attachment problems and really turned that little girl around.

    I would test her when she's a bit older to see if she has any other disorders. If her mom drank or did drugs during her pregnancy, that can affect the child as well. A lot. If things are REALLY bad, have him tested now. I like neuropsychs best for testing. What is cerebral dysrhythmia? Is that like a mood disorder? Is it genetic?

    Welcome to the board. So sorry you had to come though. But we will try to help.