3 yr evaluation Results Mtg-Need advice

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    Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It's been awhile since I've been here (Dec.) - I always feel like its like confession.... Conduct Disorder Members please forgive me for it's been 2 month since my last confession... (ahem).. I mean visit... ha ha.

    We had our 3 year evaluation meeting yesterday to get the results of the evaluations the SD did on my difficult child and I have some concerns/questions. First, I have to say I am happy he still qualifies for SpEd under other health impaired for ADHD. I thought for sure I would have to fight them on that this time around.

    His IQ dropped from 130 to 105! WOW!! If that is accurate I am a little concerned about that. Has anyone else seen this happen with their difficult child's? He was first evaluated at age 5, now again at age 8. Only thing that has changed during this time period is the addition of ADHD medications. It concerns me. They did cram all of his testing in 2 days before our meeting and it happened to be the day after my son was home sick. I think that may be a huge contributor, but should I ask them to retest him? I don't think it would necessarily mean anything more as far as additional services, but I would like to know if there is a problem.

    The school psychiatric had me and the teacher fill out questionnaires - a BASC-II or something and one about Adaptive Behaviors. The ratings were significantly different between the teacher and my ratings, with my ratings indicating more problems. The school psychiatric sort of blew off my ratings and went with the teacher's because he seemed to think mine might have been skewed because of a high frustration level with my child. Hmmm - I don't think so. Especially since I don't feel like the teacher really knows what she is doing and it was so clear she did not answer the questions correctly. What should I do? I am not sure, but if they went more with my ratings, it might mean more services for difficult child?

    I asked them to evaluate his written expression and find motor skills because he has sloppy handwriting, says his hand hurts, and does not want to write. Turns out he is within normal ranges for both, but the Occupational Therapist (OT) teacher said she could work with him on his handwriting. I honestly do not feel his handwriting is any poorer than his peers. I more or less just wanted to know if there was a problem with him getting his thoughts down on paper - or a motor problem like with holding his pencil. I don't know if I should take the handwriting help or not. Suggestions? It would be a pull out thing for 20 mins. once a week.

    Also today is the date the evaluation period is up. The meeting was yesterday. They did not give me any written documentation from the evaluation. They said I would get it in about 3 weeks. Is that how it should be? Last time I walked out of the meeting with it in my hand. I want to see it in writing so I can address any concerns I have before his IEP meeting which is next month.

    Any advice is very much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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    Any paper they had with results should have been copied and handed to you. I would ask them to get that to you ASAP.

    They cannot restest his IQ again for 12 months. The test is not vaild again until then. I wouldn't worry about it. It could be a combination of being sick, a rushed test, a bad mood, etc. They use to think that IQ was static but it has since been shown that IQ-test results can be significantly impacted by mental illness, stress, etc.

    I would take the Occupational Therapist (OT) services for handwriting. If, after a few months, he doesn't seem to need it you can always drop it.
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    As far as IQ tests go - when I was very, very young, I tested very, very LOW. But then I skipped kindergarten, and they wanted to push me further up - but my parents were concerned about my age and socializing... And I'm glad they were.

    Knowing what I know now about my probable IQ - I was BORED when they tested me...
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    IQs change with the year, the weather, the mood of the child. I wouldn't give it a thought.

    Sounds like you got more for your child than most of us. I always recommend going in with a Child/Parent Advocate because you are much more likely to get what you want, across the board, if you have one with you.

    You should get a copy of the report PLUS a copy of how to file a complaint if you disagree with the findings. Our school didn't give hub and I the complaint form and they got into a lot of trouble when we pursued it to the Dept. of Civil Rights. They even tried to tell us there was no such thing in their district. Be sure you get (and soon) everything that is due you.
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    Thanks everyone! I think I will take the Occupational Therapist (OT) services for handwriting - thinking it is much easier to drop something no longer needed than it is to add something after the fact.

    In the meeting yesterday I specifically asked if I would get a copy of all the results of the evaluation and they said yes - you will get it in about 3 weeks and it will be sent out from Special Education services at the district. So, should I respectfully ask them to give me a copy now, even if in draft form? They did not give me a copy of the procedural safeguards this time, but have in the past - but not for quite some time. I do have a copy from my other son's IEP for speech.

    When we expressed concern about the drop in IQ, he said we could have him re-tested when the 3 year evaluation period is up. I think I will give it a year and then request in writing for it to be done again. I guess we were just so happy with the high superior range of intelligence ranking before and to see it drop to average shocked us, especially since everyone tells us how smart he is, and we also feel he is. We notice his motivation is pretty low since ADHD medications and wondered if we are squelching his potential by medicating him - but I do know we would have a ton of other problems if we didn't.

    Thanks again!
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    Hey Jules, not sure what advice I can offer but just dropping in to say HI !!!!
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    Hi Shelly! Nice to see ya!
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    I was given kiddo's test results in advance and the opportunity to ask questions about them before the meeting.