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    difficult child had his first archery meeting last night. husband took him, I figure it won't hurt husband to do this and they need to improve their relationship, aka bond, anyways. He seemed to enjoy it. They got lost on the way their way. Got there late, but they got there. difficult child was upset because it got over 1/2 and hr late. His inflexibility blows me away sometimes. After difficult child was done ranting and raving about the meeting getting over late, he then started filling out his record book. That was good to see, because it shows that he is interested. He even put the record book up on his shelf above his bed so it stays nice (I hope).

    I hope we have found something to get him interested in. He has been so into computer games, it has been kinda scarey. He goes in phases, has no interest for months and then all of a sudden I have to pry him off of it.
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    I hope he enjoys it also. And the bonding with Dad. Good for the both of them!
    K and N are very inflexible about certain things. I think it is a difficult child thing.
    I get freaked out about time also, makes me very nervous. I wish it didn't, I try not to get stressed about it, but it sends me into full blown anxiety mode.
    I have thought about 4-H for K as she gets more stable.
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    Toto, fyi, they have all kinds of 4-H programs from livestock animals, dog obedience, cooking, gardening, I think they even started a cat show type program. Yeah, I try to save the animals from difficult child. He is too impulsive. I figured archery was safe as you cannot sneak a compound bow anywhere. They are very distinctive and obvious.