41 things doctors never tell you

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    this is an article in July Reader's Digest. I found it rather interesting. a family practice doctor from Difficult Child said "its pretty common for doctors to talk about their patients and make judgements, particularly about their appearance"

    A pediatrician from NY said "everyone thinks all doctors know one another. But when we refer you to a specialist, we often have no idea who those people are. Generally we only know that they accept your insurance"
    It was intersting to read.
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    I saw this...very interesting. Some of the things they say makes sense. Some of them though makes you think Huh??? Just shows that an education doesn't always equal intelligence.
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    I don't get Reader's Digest, but would love to read the report. Is this article online? Thanks!


    ps. My doctor says that she gives referrals based on what she hears from other patients she has sent to that doctor. If she doesn't hear back, she assumed the doctor is great. So I ALWAYS tell her when I have a problem with a doctor.
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